Author: Fuel For Faith


In our time (to coin a phrase) there's a philosophy around every corner. There's one for every day of the week, for the rest of your life. There's a god for every whim, wish and eventuality. Are they really all valid, or do we need to focus a little more?

IN OUR TIME: The Evolution of Crocodiles

In our Time hasn't been pushing the claims of evolution very much lately, but when I saw the title of this particular episode, I decided I had to tackle it head-on, from the perspective of my faith and conviction that God created the heavens and the earth.


The one thing that’s struck me most while reading “Darwin’s Doubt” is that the majority of evolutionists (though not all) when confronted with, or upon discovering facts that put a wrench right in the middle of the cogs of Neo - Darwinism, just start building other cogs.