Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
His enemies say he’s on their land
They got him outnumbered about a million to one
He got no place to escape to, no place to run
He’s the neighborhood bully

The neighborhood bully just lives to survive
He’s criticized and condemned for being alive
He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin
He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in
He’s the neighborhood bully

The neighborhood bully been driven out of every land
He’s wandered the earth an exiled man
Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn
He’s always on trial for just being born
He’s the neighborhood bully

Well, he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized
Old women condemned him, said he should apologize.
Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad
The bombs were meant for him. He was supposed to feel bad
He’s the neighborhood bully

Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim
That he’ll live by the rules that the world makes for him
’Cause there’s a noose at his neck and a gun at his back
And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac
He’s the neighborhood bully

He got no allies to really speak of
What he gets he must pay for, he don’t get it out of love
He buys obsolete weapons and he won’t be denied
But no one sends flesh and blood to fight by his side
He’s the neighborhood bully

Well, he’s surrounded by pacifists who all want peace
They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease
Now, they wouldn’t hurt a fly. To hurt one they would weep
They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep
He’s the neighborhood bully

Every empire that’s enslaved him is gone
Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon
He’s made a garden of paradise in the desert sand
In bed with nobody, under no one’s command
He’s the neighborhood bully

Now his holiest books have been trampled upon
No contract he signed was worth what it was written on
He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth
Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health
He’s the neighborhood bully

What’s anybody indebted to him for?
Nothin’, they say. He just likes to cause war
Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed
They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed
He’s the neighborhood bully

What has he done to wear so many scars?
Does he change the course of rivers? Does he pollute the moon and stars?
Neighborhood bully, standing on the hill
Running out the clock, time standing still
Neighborhood bully



My Wife with her boyfriend

Since the Nick and Knack Fisher-Fasher  Research Facilities in the New Mexico desert made the earth-shattering discovery that apes evolved from humans and not the other way around*, I’ve found myself being  attracted to the concept of swinging around in the jungle for a living….

Apes and monkeys relax in the trees eating fruit and socializing with their families and mates while those of us who were until recently thought to have  “evolved “ from an ape-like ancestor struggle through our stressful, worry-filled lives. We’re being pushed around and studying and working day in and day out for someone else’s enrichment. Ray Davies, way back in the Kinkolithic Age summed up my sentiments accurately:

In man’s evolution he’s created the city

And the motor traffic rumble.

But give me half a chance and I’d be taking off my clothes

And living in the jungle.

Cause the only time that I feel at ease

Is swinging up and down in the coconut trees.

Oh what a life of luxury to be like an apeman.


From “Apeman”  recorded by the Kinks. Songwriter: RAY DAVIES

Apeman lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, ABKCO Music Inc.


* Yes, I know that both apes and men are said to have evolved from a common ancestor.


At the risk of treading on even more toes than I have, I decided to relay some song words which often pop up in my mind (no pun intended). They will speak for themselves. Hoping not to infringe copyright laws, I must quickly say that all the praise goes to the author, Frank Zappa. The song is from the album “Over-nite Sensation”. I don’t recommend the album to you as it’s pretty raunchy (and he later saw a need to mock the Church), but I must say that Zappa was a tremendously talented man. He had an acute sense of humor, was extremely creative musically- as opposed to repeating masses of cliches as most ‘artists’ do – and was a fantastic and innovative guitarist. His lyrics, when not raunchy, were always meaningful and imaginitive.


I am gross and perverted, I’m obsessed and deranged

I have existed for years but very little has changed

I’m the tool of the government, and industry too,

For I am destined to rule and regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious, but you can’t look away

I make you think I’m delicious with the stuff that I say

I’m the best you can get, have you guessed me yet?

I’m the slime oozing out of your TV set

You will obey me while I lead you

with the garbage that I feed you

Until the day that we don’t need you

Don’t go for help: no-one will heed you

Your mind has been controlled

It has been stuffed into my mold

And you will do as you are told

Until the rights to You are sold

(That’s right folks-don’t touch that dial!)


Well I am the slime from your video

Oozin’ along on your living room floor

Well I am the slime from your video

Can’t stop the slime, people look at me go