Evolution:Blind Faith?

Is evolution fact? Has it been conclusively proven that we all evolved from a rock, which in turn was produced by an ‘expansion’ of nothing, or of something the size of a pea or a grapefruit?

I tuned into my favorite news program one summers day seventeen years ago in the English countryside: The World at One’, on BBC radio. My attention was captured by Valerie Singleton’s enormous sense of relief and pleasure as she confidently announced, “At last! The missing link between man and ape has been found!”

I felt my Christian heart sink slightly at the assertion, until I gathered my composure. “Wait a minute.” I thought, “Haven’t we all  been given the announcement many times over the decades that the missing link has been found, and that rock to man evolution has been ‘proven beyond any reasonable doubt’?” So why did we need to be told again?

As Valerie proceeded on an interview with two experts on the subject, it became apparent that what had in fact been found were a few old foot bones. That’s it- nothing more. My Christian heart rose again.

Do not assume to yourself for a second that this was an isolated occurrence. The hype being passed off as science-particularly on T.V. is rich with such weak or empty assertions, and the general public does not have the training or the will to recognize it. We’ve all seen David Attenborough tell us that an insect has evolved the ability to disguise itself as a leaf. Really? Where’s the evidence that this happened? Have you personally seen any? Do you believe it? I wonder what happened to the insect’s ancestors who were not yet able to disguise themselves-didn’t they all get eaten over those millions of years? And since they obviously didn’t, where was the need for them to evolve the disguise?

Most laymen and even scientists are of the opinion that abundant evidence for macro evolution has been found in the fossil record. There’s a dinosaur skeleton in the museum, so that proves we all came from a rock, right?

I found myself in a debate with a college tutor one day – not a scientist, I’ll admit, but one of those college tutors who by all accounts spends half his time talking about evolution and how corrupt the Church is. You may have come across one of those yourself. I asked him to tell me what evidence he had personally seen in favor of evolution. I could have driven a bus through the following silence. In fact I did-I was driving a bus at the time. More particularly, I wanted to know what evidence he had seen that one type of creature slowly evolved into another. He could not think of any. Instead from inside his shirt he drew a necklace, on which were hanging some Elk teeth. With a sense of triumph he told me that these teeth were coated with ivory, and Elk don’t have ivory on their teeth now. That was it: his entire philosophy on life was based, publicly anyway, on the fact that he had a few teeth with ivory hanging around his neck (seems rather primitive and superstitious to me).

Even if it’s true that Elk used to have ivory on their teeth and now don’t, it proves very little. It may be that a different species once existed which became extinct. In any case, the Elk has lost genetic information, not gained it. I would rather keep the enamel on my teeth, thank you.

Have you been to the Natural History Museum in London? I have. It’s a fantastic place to visit. You could spend days in there. But I’ll tell you this-you will not see, out of the billions of fossils that there are on and in the earth, exhibits of fossil series, clearly demonstrating a cow or a goat turning into a whale, or a lemur turning into an ape. You will see some fossils, some artists’ impressions and replicas, and you will read some just-so stories instead.

So what about you? If you are throwing your lot in with those who want your precious children to believe that they came from a rock by way of the goo to you, what evidence have you chosen to base that decision on? Is it that you have decided that ‘all the scientists believe in evolution, and they must be right’? If this is the case, I would submit that the evolutionist has now become your High Priest, and that you are living by blind faith. The evolutionist is claiming to be far above you in education and intelligence, and that you had better keep quiet and swallow whatever he gives you. And yet what evidence have you personally seen for what he wants you to accept?

It may be that you are among the majority that has been duped. It’s true that many-perhaps most-scientists believe in evolution, but many do not (see links below and read about some). Those who do not are not given an airing these days, unless they are intentionally set up to look stupid. Big Brother has arrived, and he is determined to guide your thinking, and especially that of your children. Since when has a majority been proof of fact? Couldn’t it just be that there is a hegemony, a kind of police state where the dissenter-despite his degrees, his talents and his background- is not given a job? There is not one creationist exhibit or scientist allowed in the Natural History Museum, or any University, or T.V. documentary, except under strict control in order to ridicule and poo-poo. This is not open enquiry or true science, it’s mass brainwashing!




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