Some things are right and some things are wrong, right?

Whose rights are right and whose rights are wrong? Clearly, to the left the right’s wrongs are wrong, and to the right, the left’s rights are wrong.

If the left’s rights are right are the right’s rights wrong, or can the right’s rights be right?

If the right’s rights are right does that mean that the wrong rights are right, or that the right’s wrongs are right or wrong?

What about the very right of the right’s rights? If the right right’s rights are right to the right are they the wrong rights? Do the right right’s rights right the right wrongs or the wrong wrongs? When the very right’s rights are wrong to the right, are they right or wrong? The wrong rights, to the right-right, are the right right’s wrongs, right? Wrong! Remember-two wrongs don’t make a right!

But seriously, right the right wrongs to the left of the right right’s right, and everything will be alright.

Wrong rights are wrong whether they are left, right, or right of the right right’s right.

What’s left is the left’s rights. If the left’s rights are right or wrong, is it wrong to right the left’s wrong rights? The left’s rights are wrong to the right and the left left’s wrongs are right to the left: the right’s rights are right, to the right.

Do we need to right the wrong rights, or right the right’s wrongs? Do we need to right the left’s wrongs or is it wrong to right the left’s wrong rights?

I say, right the right’s wrongs and the left’s wrong rights and what’s left will not be all right but alright, right?


(My apologies to those who are struggling to learn English!)

© Nick Fisher June 22nd 2012