I would first like to make an apology, because the title has little relevance to the message – it was a trick to catch your attention. However, my subject does involve dogs.

I had a “bad morning” the other day.  A few things went wrong unexpectedly which I could have coped with, but I encountered several people who seemed to be in a mind to make everyone else, and specifically me, as grumpy and unhappy about life as they were.

About mid-morning, along came my savior (little ‘s’). It was a dog. I’d never seen it before, and I couldn’t begin to guess which breed was most dominant in it. Who cares anyway – I didn’t, because it was smiling all over its face at me. It was wagging its tail as hard as it could, and it wanted to be my best friend forever, without qualification or reservation.

My heart was warmed. I was moved.

Without worrying about who heard me, I said to the dog “If people were all as friendly as you, the world would be a wonderful place”.

So how about it? Why is it that even most professing Christians are nowhere near as friendly and warm as an animal can be? Whatever the reasons are, this is something we should all be working on. Okay, so we don’t have tails to wag, and most people don’t look good enough to lick, and dog food probably tastes disgusting, but just think how we could impact our world with that kind of attitude.