It occurred in my noncomfiousness that if for a crofty abrofty,  and the tweaky aggregatioly of blahdiidation, there may be a morifuld, lumpidatious, or even linear augmentifold of interestiload re postulations. “Oh, arg-arg!” you may mully-mander, but given the globular augmentifold of blahdifidatious and wobbly sous- et-sur zonk and zombification, clarity clout and clonk bye-bye: so apede-facto, blahdidation is this very sun up and plop (nay, this moleoly) super-estalated upon these premise.

Donut wobble here “axprass” worky satisfolibold for sensi-nodules, ohno! Rock-skippy and jumpy to the humanitic, for “axprass humsalf”? My Rock!  Now there’s poopostrus!

Imploration: dezonk! Unzombifold!

Augmentifold aplogias for those who are struggling to learn English!


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