(A warning to my readers…this is irony!)

George Orwell had some really insane ideas about a future dystopia didn’t he!

Waxing prophetical, he envisaged a world in which government intruded into every aspect of public and private life, and which was distant and incurably deceptive and untrustworthy. In this nonsensical world the working masses served government, but as we all know it’s really the other way around, isn’t it! Government perpetuated a state of war with an unseen enemy, so that there was always someone “over there” to collectively hate and distrust rather than the government, and in order to legitimize the strict control of its own citizens. People had cameras pointing at them everywhere they went, and every conversation was recorded and stored. How stupidly far-fetched!

Political correctness ran amok. Euphemisms, known as “doublespeak”, abounded. History was revised or forgotten. The masses were conditioned to believe all that the state-controlled media and educational establishment told them, and Orwell through his ridiculous novel, had his government stating, “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past”. Now be honest, would any government or public servant in the free world stoop so low as to think that way? Orwell even imagined that his media and his educational establishment fostered a practice called “doublethink”: the art of knowing one thing to be true, yet choosing to believe another.

Talking about God was illegal and the people of “The Book” were hated. Now can you really imagine, in a free society, that that would actually happen? Come on Orwell, get real! Anyone can talk about God anywhere, such as children in the classroom (NOTE-maybe I should edit this part out).

Kids were the property of the state and taught to reject the beliefs and ethics of their parents. Parents had no right to discipline their kids for fear of being turned in to the authorities and their children taken away. Women did the same work as men, acting like men. In fact the line between genders was completely wiped away, so that both acted and dressed the same way. Traditional family relationships and ties were all but destroyed. Everyone distrusted each other and dared not expose any true feelings which might conflict with political correctness: independent thought was considered a sign of madness and required counseling, or “re-educating”. People became obsessed with violent movies which encouraged them to hate the enemies of the Party.  Musaac, a ubiquitous music-by-the-yard background noise helped empty minds and condition thoughts and behavior. Are these not the ideas of a fool and an insurrectionist?

The working masses – the “Proles” – those who might have had the power to change things didn’t: they were too busy with their day-to-day lives to even think about what should be done. The government knew it, and only had to feed them with disinformation and rumors to keep them blind to what was really happening. Orwell really went too far when he wrote of the government convincing people that “the heresy of heresies was common sense”.

In Orwell’s pathetic novel, the metric system of weights and measures replaced the Imperial system. What nonsense!

Orwell’s book was packed with thoughtcrime and propaganda: it was nothing but heresy. Why, you only have to glance at a picture of him to see “facecrime’ all over it.  Thank goodness his time has passed, as long ago as 1984, and history, being systematically corrected by those who know far better than he did, has proved him wrong!


3 thoughts on “YOU WERE WRONG, ORWELL!

  1. Yesterday I visited a dear friend. We were discussing the English “Reich” and I said to her, 1984 is now a reality in the UK, and as you’ve said, no aspect has been missed.
    Don’t forget, the “government” get their jollies looking at all this data.
    My definition of pervert: someone who wants to control others for their own gain……..


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