In a world where we’re all expected to think that everyone’s understanding of truth is valid no matter how contradictory, there are an awful lot of laws being passed to enforce the politically correct view of truth.



Consider an example from the new business climate uncomfortably reminiscent of that of a fascist state, in which a small family business which once baked wedding cakes had to close their store and face fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars, simply because they wanted to live by their own politically incorrect Christian convictions http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/01/21/christian-bakery-guilty-violating-civil-rights-lesbian-couple/

The owners were essentially told that they were free to believe what they wanted to, but not to live out their beliefs. Where is the logic in that? And in truth, we aren’t allowed to even have our beliefs in our mind, because the state through such institutions as the education system strives to convince us that there is no God and that we all evolved from a puddle. Try to work against that and you will get fail grades and be turned away from many professional positions.

The empire which prides itself on its “freedoms” seeks to impose its ideas upon the rest of the world. Gone (or going anyway) are the Christian freedoms which brought more dignity and light to the West than communism, paganism, fascism and religionism ever managed to destroy by brute force. In their place is a creeping upside-down set of values, beliefs and morals which achieve more than Marx ever even hoped to achieve in the overturn of history and morality: There is no right or wrong that the State does not decree or consent to; the state now blesses immorality and the things God calls “an abomination”; there is no individual who is not subservient to the State; there is no higher power than the State; the State has the unchallenged right to lie and call it “truth”; there is no God to save us from ourselves; there is no fixed understanding of right or wrong; there is no hope of an afterlife, but only the assertion that our bodies will push up the plants a little faster for the “other” animals to live and evolve.


All of this is consistent with Biblical predictions of “last-days” life on earth, and it’s called, at times, “lawlessness”.  The use of this word in the NIV version aptly sums up related words in translations such as the KJV.

Somehow it doesn’t seem to make sense that a society which passes thousands of new laws, rules and regulations annually could be called “lawless”, but the Biblical use of the word is very different to our every-day use of it. John summed it up for us in a very concise and clear way:

“Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness” (1 John 3:4).

John goes on to express the good news found in the gospel, that Jesus Christ came into the world to take away our sins. However, we have to turn from them. It’s the failure to turn from them, and more than that, the determination to embrace them, which the NIV translates to “lawlessness”. And lawlessness is declared to be the hallmark of end-times humanity: the determination to embrace sin in defiance of the law of God.

In the Bible lawlessness is frequently contrasted with righteousness. For example, Peter contrasted “righteous Lot” with “the filthy lives of lawless men” (2 Peter 2:7-10).

It’s no good attempting to redefine sin, or to claim that God changes like we do- an indecisive doting old man sitting up there in the clouds who becomes more and more human, who wants us to do just whatever makes us feel good, and who waits for us to tell him what is right and what is wrong. No, the creator and sustainer of the universe has his own very precise set of values and requirements, and doesn’t change or evolve any more than the laws of nature do.


The Bible goes further than warning of a lawless age: it speaks of a specific individual who will be the epitome and the ultimate expression of lawlessness. The word “lawless” in relation to this man’s character, means in the original Greek:

“Unprincipled”; “wickedness”;  ”without law”; “transgressing law by not regarding it”; “free from law”.

(See 2 Thessalonians 2:3-11).


This “man of sin” leads the world in lawlessness, and the world in its foolishness agrees with him and the philosophy he espouses. He has no qualms about lying and calling it truth. He calls the killing of the innocents a good thing. He redefines the institutions of God. He calls wrong right and right wrong. He seeks to “change times and laws” (Daniel 9) He seeks to turn the world’s morality and view of life and history upside down. He seeks to divide God’s land- the land of Israel. By his actions and his beliefs he betrays commitment to a god of his own preference, but defies the true and living God.

Could we, oh could we possibly have any candidates for this position in our world today?



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