So some people are very angry that there are one or two politicians who may just want to stop some of the social, political and financial rot that they love so much…

And they don’t want to allow the American people to make up their own minds. Those “some people” are free to protest, but any counter-protest, any opinion they don’t like is “bigotry”, “racism” and all the other same, tired old words thrown at anyone who disagrees with them.

But then, hard line socialists and communists never did want democracy: they only want to appear to like democracy, while they lie (“he’s going to start a nuclear war” for example-the same accusation leveled at Reagan) and engage in slander and hate-mongering and claim to be the lovers, while they take more and more control of our lives, while they destroy more and more of our freedom of belief, and while they continue the rot. Is it any wonder that the man is popular?

So is he a “Nazi” as some are attempting to make us think ? No, we aren’t all that gullible, we know that Hitler and his party were in fact socialists: the National Socialist German Workers’ Party” or in German,” Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)”*




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