Dear Mr. Pastor,
I think you must get pretty tired of hearing people tell you how to do things in your church. It is your church after all-you should be free to do things your way…

360px-8_-_AmStar_7…but I’m sorry, I can’t restrain myself from sharing one or two things I just have to whine about. Please forgive me while I let off some steam…

Pastor, I do not want to be entertained! I don’t want to watch a bunch of wanna-be pop stars on the stage attempting to impress me with their guitar licks and their expensive hair styles. I don’t want to watch some “cute” guy or gal crooning into the microphone, no matter how “great” his or her voice is: I want to sing with the congregation, all of us praising God at the tops of our voices, while we focus our minds on Him, and not on a show. Please don’t make me endure the sight of rows of people chewing gum while they watch the band perform: that’s not worship, even if you call it worship.
And Pastor, could we please be a little more selective when it comes to the choice of songs? Just because it’s “new” it’s not necessarily worth hearing.
Dear Pastor, the Church is founded on Jesus Christ: can we return to that reality? I don’t want to hear what so-and-so’s view is, or about how some self-proclaimed expert’s paraphrase sheds a new and more palatable light on something: I want to hear the Word of God-unadulterated, undiluted, unabridged, undiminished and unaltered.
The Bible contains so much that we never hear about from the pulpit these days-Creation and the Creator; sin and how we all need to repent of our ways and pursue holiness; doctrine and how important it is to fight the good fight and stay on the narrow path; prophecy and Revelation and how the roaring Lion of Judah is going to return and judge the earth.
And pastor, if you could just break your dependence on the donations of those who determine to influence what you will and will not preach (perhaps you could make tents or deliver packages for a living) you may just find that the real Spirit of God will set your sermon-and your slumbering congregation-on fire for Jesus. If some of them want to leave for a better show down the road-let them.


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