I’m said to be “ignorant” because I believe in a Creator. I’m “a member of the flat earth society” because I don’t go along with man-made climate change propaganda. I’m “deplorable” because I like Donald Trump…

evolution from soup

I’m a “right-wing extremist” because I don’t support overbearing socialist and globalist agendas; I’m a “misogynist” because I want abortions to stop-some of them occur up to the moment of birth; I’m “Islamo-phobic” because I want to separate murderers from the truly peaceful; I’m “racist” because I believe we should have a border; I’m “bigoted” because I’m a white male, and I’m “hateful” because I believe in God’s design for marriage…

The list goes on.

Come on now, with all this name-calling, vilification, falsification and rioting in order to  avoid real debate, are we really in a “sophisticated” twenty-first century culture, or are we still metaphorically crawling around in prebiotic soup-“soup” being a euphemism for something much less appetizing and much more stinky?



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