In part one I shared with you my one-time secret longing for the elusive alien race to come, and to take me away to somewhere much more loving and friendly. I also proposed the likelihood that many other people share the same sentiment. Movie directors such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have made fortunes tapping into such desires within the human psyche. A lot of us wish there were more to life than what we see around us-more meaning and purpose, and more fun.

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Don’t get me wrong-I’m not claiming that humans invent aliens, because we’re bored with life. Much of what we “know” about aliens and UFO’s is based on claimed evidence: experiences people have sworn to, and observation of craft which defy any human technology. What about all that evidence? Doesn’t it prove beyond doubt that they exist? As a Bible-believing Christian, I’m very inclined to think that we are indeed totally unique in the universe. I will not, however, dismiss outright all possibility that there is life out there-created by the same God- because I don’t know, either way, what the answer is.

Many on both sides claim they do. The Christian minister, for example, commonly states opposition to the existence of aliens because Jesus Christ cannot die for the sins of every world which might be in existence. He died, says Scripture, “once for all” when he was crucified in Jerusalem in the first century. On the other side, secular commentators and even some Christians believe that the universe is just too vast and too old for life not to have evolved somewhere else. And no less a figure than Richard Dawkins has suggested openly on film that aliens may have seeded life here on earth*. He has no evidence of that, of course, any more than he has evidence that life evolved from non-life (he admitted that in the same movie) but he thinks he’s allowed to have faith in what he believes while the rest of us are not.

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As I said, I don’t know the answer for sure. But I do have some very strong convictions, and some reasoned arguments, and I will share those with you here.

I’ll begin with one of my own “UFO” experiences. My wife and I, newly wed, were camping in the forests of Oregon one night. No-one else was around for miles; there were no lights, and no signs of civilization at all. All we could see were the stars and silhouettes of the trees and mountains. As I surveyed the scene, a huge object, visible by its blocking of the stars, drifted silently from over the small mountain in front of us, and moved low over the valley we were in. It had no lights, it was moving slowly, it was huge, and most unnervingly, it made no sound. We both immediately felt exposed and helpless. I was convinced that they, whoever “they” were, were watching us, and there was nowhere to hide. The hair on the back of my neck stood stiff-the only time I’ve ever experienced that sensation. We froze and remained in position until it finally drifted away and over the opposite horizon. No, I didn’t need new trousers.

Many years later, we sat with a group of individuals camping in preparation for the total solar eclipse of 2017-also in Oregon. One of them was a technician; a scientist, and a very nice guy. In the course of conversation I told him about our UFO experience, and he, not a little amused, informed me that it was a top secret military craft which he had personally designed some parts for. Mystery solved! I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that what we had seen didn’t come from another planet after all-and perhaps I was a little relieved as well.

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Are all sightings so easily explained? No, I’m sure they’re not, but I would say that most are. What my wife and I were totally convinced of, since it “couldn’t” possibly have been anything other than an alien space craft, was in fact the product of American ingenuity.

Some craft sightings are more difficult to explain. And accounts of alien abductions are plenty, with claimed “clinical” post-event examinations which purport to prove the validity of the account. While I will not discount every story, my sense is that a lot of what we are told is really the result of many explainable things: imagination; mistaken identity; invention and fakery; wishful thinking, drug-induced or sleep-deprivation hallucinations; the desire to make a lot of money; mistakes; and the craving for fame and attention for unknown boy or girl.

How else do we explain the total lack of official confirmation of these things? Proponents believe that the government for at least sixty years has been covering up the truth. Yet the same people will balk and scoff at Donald Trump’s claims that the FBI, the Swamp and the media have been attempting to bring him down for the last five years. One is possible to them: the other impossible.

After all this time-all these decades of UFO sightings and abductions-how is it that their existence is not now common knowledge, and clearly visible to all of us? We have “storm chasers” , and wildlife observers who make names for themselves and lots of money by showing us what we would otherwise never see: why aren’t a host of alien chasers doing the same thing? Why is it that these aliens are so intent on keeping themselves hidden, like pixies or elves, or Bigfoot?

Aliens and their craft seem to evolve-and rapidly. Take a look at descriptions made in the mid twentieth century, and compare them with those of today. Alien appearance has become much more menacing in recent years, in line with that portrayed in sci-fi movies. Can this really be so, or is it our imagination which is evolving? How can creatures which have existed for billions of years, having evolved their intelligence over eons, change so rapidly in appearance, along with that of their craft?

Some alien believers or New Agers have claimed that aliens are standing back, watching the evolution of their creation (life on earth) and intermittently aiding in the process. But why hide? If they want us to evolve, why don’t they just get on with it, come on down, and sort out this sorry mess now? These people want to assign patience and invisibility to aliens, but refuse to allow us to do the same with our God. God is supposed to straighten things out for us yesterday, if he’s really there, but the aliens can take as long as they like.

I have answers to the above questions., as well as a scriptural view of it all. On top of that is the whole consideration of the “chariots of the gods” theory. That is, that archaeology and ancient mythology confirm the entire alien-race account in relation to the history of man. Come back for part three of this post. Comments and input are welcome.

* Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Directed by Ben Stein.





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