The current goings-on related to the U.S election are an indicator of the state of the nation. But it isn’t just the nation which stands to be affected-it’s the entire world.

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With our modern technology, millions of people can view a live event on their devices, and the host will have an accurate count of the number of viewers as it happens. Yet days after the general election, when, by law and tradition all votes are supposed to be in, votes are still being counted, and continue to appear from unknown sources-and almost all for Joe Biden. Other obviously fraudulent practices are taking place at counting centres, such as Republican observers not being allowed into the building while Democrat-run facilities “count” the votes.

After all that’s happened over the last five years, during which an intense hatred for Trump has been displayed by most of our so-called “news” media, and the leaders of the Democratic party, it’s clear that there has been a determined effort to demonise Trump all the way along, starting with the previous administration. Even on the other side of the Atlantic, I have family members and “friends” yelling out vile hatred and contempt for the man. They hate everything about him, because they are being fed a non-stop diet of lies and contempt, while the good news is suppressed.

Why? He is the first president not to enter into war. He made the economy boom. He created millions of new jobs. He reached out to African-American and Hispanic communities. He made peace between Israel and four Arab neighbours-something no other president has done. He worked hard to “drain the swamp” and end corruption in Washington. He kept all his promises, including building a wall on the southern border to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs and criminals and child trafficking.

Ah, but the question “why” can be answered-with the above apologetic. Big money, corrupt politicians, globalists who want to sell out the West to China, entertainers who hate any hint of brakes on their immorality, politicians who have all made their fortunes with dirty foreign deals, anti-Semites, and Marxists who want to flood the nation with illegals in order to erode the foundation of America, have all hated Trump with a passion. And on top of that, several members of the last administration have come perilously close to having their corruption and their spying on Trump’s campaign uncovered. Their setting up of him and others to look like Russian agents fell apart, and now, if Trump were to continue in office, there’s a risk that they may have to face some kind of justice.

But not to worry- the bulk of the media and social media sites are covering for them, because they share the same ideology, i.e., globalism, the decline of America, the decimation of morality and family as found in the Judeo-Christian founding of America, and the dilution of influence of the Church.

Don’t assume casually that if this election is stolen and over with, everything will continue normally-it won’t. Now that the corrupt swamp and the corrupt, dishonest media-which to my mind is the main culprit in all this division and strife we see today, has almost got away with their actions-they will not stop their momentum. Un-checked corruption and dishonesty and bias leads to worse corruption. They have even been prepared to risk a race war, such is their determination to paint Trump and his supporters as racists. This is a clear indicator of the extent of their corruption and calloused hearts.

Lack of accountability, lack of honesty, hatred of the opinions of half the population, plus an extreme agenda, all add up to a future tyranny. And you will not escape it, any more than I will. Our nation, our civilization, our economy without Trump or some person wanting to actually serve the people and not their agenda, will be handed over more completely this time to foreign powers and even to foreign religion. We, the little people, do not matter to the swamp. If we did, they would speak truth, they would be true to their duties, and they would not be pouring out hatred for a man who has worked tirelessly for the nation.

The dam of lawlessness is close to breaking, because our leaders and our media have forsaken justice, honesty, decency, and the people they lie to. Unchecked corruption can only lead to a state of affairs where no-one can be trusted, and where self-service is the normal mode of existence. If our society cannot be based on honesty, respect and justice, we are all heading into a dark night of turmoil and misery, for which the only remedy is a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

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