The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons… (Paul, 1 Timothy 4:1).

Does God fly around the universe in a space ship? That’s the contention of some people who think that we Christians are mistaking alien intelligence and technology for a god of our invention. I don’t intend here to pass on detailed research results: this is an argument of logic and personal observation, and a few scripture verses…

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Some years ago I set out to write a book for Christians on the subject of aliens and UFO’s. I determined to research the topic as much as I could, and got to work reading some up-to-date literature by alien believers and researchers. However, what I have to say here isn’t intended to be a detailed report on the alleged “evidence”: I will leave that to someone else.

It wasn’t long before I found myself bogged down in what turned out to be a dark, disconcerting and depressing subject. There was no joy. There was no happiness or hope, as portrayed in “Close Encounters”: it was all about unpleasant and nightmare-inducing abductions; hypnosis to attempt to get at the truth of how someone’s body or mind had allegedly been tampered with; close encounters with frightening beings and their craft which served to traumatise, and on top of that, “information” passed on by aliens to certain people who they apparently favoured, which concerned plans for the human race. This didn’t seem like the operation of a benevolent but timid race of aliens.

Perhaps most interesting to me was what these “aliens” frequently had to say about “religion”, and more specifically the Christian faith, which was that Christians and the Church have been holding back man’s evolution. And we, or at least our beliefs, needed to be dealt with. Sounding oddly like a rapture explanation, one such report even claimed that we Christians would have to be physically and suddenly removed from the earth. I don’t recall reading where Islam was similarly blamed for the ills of mankind, or Hinduism, or Communism: it seemed to rest squarely upon the Christian faith.

Here, to the Bible-believing Christian, is a series of alarm bells which suggest a more logical source of actual close encounters.

A common theme in alien circles is that even the Bible contains loosely veiled reports of UFO’s and alien activity. Observers in Old Testament times had no ability to understand or adequately describe what they saw, it is said, and so wrote about flying scrolls and wheels in wheels and fiery chariots instead, in order to describe alien space craft. It’s a common resort of those who refuse to take our Creator at face value: to re-make him-attempting at the same time to paint as ignorant the Bible-believing Christian, and to dispel the notion that God has moral standards and will bring us all to account one day.

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Why cannot the flying scroll of scripture be just that? The scroll in Old Testament times was a clear visual reference to the revealed Word of God which was constantly being neglected and ignored. Scrolls were what documents were written on. A scroll in the sky doesn’t have to refer to anything other than the written word. And why shrink God to fit inside a little ship anyway? My God is far bigger, far more able, and far more intelligent than any rinky-dink alien creature. Of course God is “up there”, because, says Solomon:

“Even the heaven of heavens cannot contain you” (1 Kings 8:27).

God not only travels the stars, he made the stars. He upholds every particle which those stars consist of. He is altogether and infinitely above the small, limited, weak notion of aliens who apparently aren’t even able to do their job of helping earthlings evolve beyond war, strife and death. If they are so far ahead of us, why are they failing in their mission?

At this point I want to put together some of the elements of this little apologetic, and get to what I believe is the meat of the issue. First, a summary.

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Aliens hide all the time. They have never been officially acknowledged, by any variety of government or administration. Many or most scientists, while they might entertain the idea of pan-spermia, or that there is likely to be life somewhere out there in the universe, routinely scoff at the idea of little green men hiding behind the clouds. The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence has revealed or admitted to nothing. Most encounters are readily explainable. The only purported hard evidence-an alleged crashed alien ship in Arizona’s area 51 with its dead occupant-has never been revealed to the public or to the many who believe it was or is there.

Alien encounters are usually profoundly frightening and unsettling experiences. Alien theology seems to harp on the need to shut up Christians or if necessary to dispose of us. Alien theology is tied to that of evolutionism: i.e., that there is no creator in the Biblical sense, and that ultimately all of life evolved from non-life. There is no evidence that this ever happened, and it is never observed to happen today.

Once again, I do not totally rule out the possibility that God created life elsewhere, but I very much doubt it, from what I read in scripture. The creation account makes us appear to be totally unique. The claim that the universe is so vast that there must be other life is easily answered by saying that it is vast because God is vast. How could an infinite God make a little universe? And if he did, people would be mockingly saying that an infinite God wouldn’t make such a little universe. The universe is a reflection of the utter glory and power and majesty of God. There is no need for little green men to help in that regard.

Ancient Demons


So what do we make of all the alleged encounters and evidence? I think that scripture makes the answer clear, in many places:

Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

The fallen angels “masquerade” and pretend that they are something they are not. They can make you think you see things, and they can make you actually see things which are not what you think they are. Sometimes what people see or encounter really does or appear to be a UFO or an alien.

Un-fallen angels are also able to manifest themselves, and they appear as humans:

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares (Hebrews 13:2).

Whether we know it or not, we are all in a spiritual war. The fallen angels’ chief plan and intention is to deceive us out of our faith, in whatever way possible: usually through sin and lies such as evolution and false religion. It seems logical to me therefore, that a perfect idea for Satan and his angels, is to deceive those who are intent on believing that little green men are our salvation, and not Jesus Christ at all. Their programme of hiding and just appearing to some in various forms, and preaching against the Creator, is not logical to someone who actually thinks it through, or who has not been adequately blinded. And blinding to the truth is what our adversary loves to do, in his hatred for God and us:

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God (2 Corinthians 4:4 NIV).

It’s Jesus Christ who is the image of God, and not a bug-eyed creature from another planet.

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Evolution is a dirty, deathly concept as it is: are aliens involved in it also?

In my teens I read a book which had been immensely popular at that time and before my time: “Chariots of the Gods”. The thesis of the book was that aliens have been grooming the human race throughout its history and pre-history, so that much of what we know as mythology, such as the ancient Greek pantheon, was inspired by visits to earth of the alien race attending us.

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Other purported evidence can be seen in ancient structures such as Stonehenge and the Mayan temple. These structures. goes the story, are so cleverly made, and made in ways and to specifications which humans were totally incapable of thousands of years ago, that they ‘must have’ been made by aliens.

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There are some who also see the Great Pyramid as being of alien design, such is the size and technological scope of it. The blocks were so large and heavy, they say, and fitted together so perfectly, that it “must have” been built by aliens. It “could only be aliens”, because humans, according to the secular view of things, had barely stopped dragging their knuckles on the ground and hitting each other with big sticks by the time some of these objects were made. They were ignorant, unlearned, weak and grossly incompetent, just a few thousand years ago.

The record of history and of archaeology is really quite different. Saying that the Great Pyramid must have been built by aliens is poor logic and circular reasoning: “people couldn’t have built it because people couldn’t build such things”. Even secular history books-the ones not guided by radical agendas-will admit that in the earliest known civilizations, such as that in Mesopotamia, people were writing and reading and studying geometry, science, literature, maths, and astronomy or their version of it known as astrology. They were aware of such things as the orbits of some of the planets. It didn’t take them ten thousand generations to go from scraping marks on sticks to studying geometry: man was intelligent from the earliest true recorded history, and it doesn’t have to be anything to do with aliens passing on knowledge. And if aliens are supposed to be helping us evolve, why is it that we’ve forgotten how to build pyramids and temples?

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

Humans from creation were genuinely intelligent, and when they became settled enough to take root and to thrive, they were able to develop sciences, literature and arts. Evolutionists have poisoned our minds to assume that people before a few hundred years BC (yes, BC) were ape-like creatures with an IQ of three. But all recorded human history-real human history and not speculation-shows humanity to be intelligent and capable.

Scripture declares that God made man and woman fully formed. They were not ape-creatures. They had fully developed brains and minds and hands, and likely set to work using them very quickly. Pockets of civilization and learning quickly grew and developed around the world, and what remains of their handiwork is seen today. In some cases, they had developed such technology and skills that we still don’t know how they did what they did, or even why. It really only needs to be as simple as that. No alien help is needed. Just wind humanity up, and off he will go, building, studying, researching, learning, developing and growing.


I am more than willing to agree that there really were some mighty heroes and larger than life characters in past ages, and some indeed may have inspired many legends, myths and religions. However, to automatically assign them the status of alien is really not necessary. Humans have incredible warriors, intellects and statesmen in reality, even now. We also have heroes and villains born of our imagination-and all of us, except perhaps some who have lost their minds, would agree that such characters as Luke Skywalker were not real people. Similarly, the fish-people of Mesopotamia were likely inventions to tell a story, just as Bilbo Baggins, Captain Kirk and Poo Bear are in our time.

Finally, the truth is that any space ship which may or may not exist is within God, not the other way around:

For in him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28 NIV).

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In part one I shared with you my one-time secret longing for the elusive alien race to come, and to take me away to somewhere much more loving and friendly. I also proposed the likelihood that many other people share the same sentiment. Movie directors such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have made fortunes tapping into such desires within the human psyche. A lot of us wish there were more to life than what we see around us-more meaning and purpose, and more fun.

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Don’t get me wrong-I’m not claiming that humans invent aliens, because we’re bored with life. Much of what we “know” about aliens and UFO’s is based on claimed evidence: experiences people have sworn to, and observation of craft which defy any human technology. What about all that evidence? Doesn’t it prove beyond doubt that they exist? As a Bible-believing Christian, I’m very inclined to think that we are indeed totally unique in the universe. I will not, however, dismiss outright all possibility that there is life out there-created by the same God- because I don’t know, either way, what the answer is.

Many on both sides claim they do. The Christian minister, for example, commonly states opposition to the existence of aliens because Jesus Christ cannot die for the sins of every world which might be in existence. He died, says Scripture, “once for all” when he was crucified in Jerusalem in the first century. On the other side, secular commentators and even some Christians believe that the universe is just too vast and too old for life not to have evolved somewhere else. And no less a figure than Richard Dawkins has suggested openly on film that aliens may have seeded life here on earth*. He has no evidence of that, of course, any more than he has evidence that life evolved from non-life (he admitted that in the same movie) but he thinks he’s allowed to have faith in what he believes while the rest of us are not.

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As I said, I don’t know the answer for sure. But I do have some very strong convictions, and some reasoned arguments, and I will share those with you here.

I’ll begin with one of my own “UFO” experiences. My wife and I, newly wed, were camping in the forests of Oregon one night. No-one else was around for miles; there were no lights, and no signs of civilization at all. All we could see were the stars and silhouettes of the trees and mountains. As I surveyed the scene, a huge object, visible by its blocking of the stars, drifted silently from over the small mountain in front of us, and moved low over the valley we were in. It had no lights, it was moving slowly, it was huge, and most unnervingly, it made no sound. We both immediately felt exposed and helpless. I was convinced that they, whoever “they” were, were watching us, and there was nowhere to hide. The hair on the back of my neck stood stiff-the only time I’ve ever experienced that sensation. We froze and remained in position until it finally drifted away and over the opposite horizon. No, I didn’t need new trousers.

Many years later, we sat with a group of individuals camping in preparation for the total solar eclipse of 2017-also in Oregon. One of them was a technician; a scientist, and a very nice guy. In the course of conversation I told him about our UFO experience, and he, not a little amused, informed me that it was a top secret military craft which he had personally designed some parts for. Mystery solved! I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that what we had seen didn’t come from another planet after all-and perhaps I was a little relieved as well.

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Are all sightings so easily explained? No, I’m sure they’re not, but I would say that most are. What my wife and I were totally convinced of, since it “couldn’t” possibly have been anything other than an alien space craft, was in fact the product of American ingenuity.

Some craft sightings are more difficult to explain. And accounts of alien abductions are plenty, with claimed “clinical” post-event examinations which purport to prove the validity of the account. While I will not discount every story, my sense is that a lot of what we are told is really the result of many explainable things: imagination; mistaken identity; invention and fakery; wishful thinking, drug-induced or sleep-deprivation hallucinations; the desire to make a lot of money; mistakes; and the craving for fame and attention for unknown boy or girl.

How else do we explain the total lack of official confirmation of these things? Proponents believe that the government for at least sixty years has been covering up the truth. Yet the same people will balk and scoff at Donald Trump’s claims that the FBI, the Swamp and the media have been attempting to bring him down for the last five years. One is possible to them: the other impossible.

After all this time-all these decades of UFO sightings and abductions-how is it that their existence is not now common knowledge, and clearly visible to all of us? We have “storm chasers” , and wildlife observers who make names for themselves and lots of money by showing us what we would otherwise never see: why aren’t a host of alien chasers doing the same thing? Why is it that these aliens are so intent on keeping themselves hidden, like pixies or elves, or Bigfoot?

Aliens and their craft seem to evolve-and rapidly. Take a look at descriptions made in the mid twentieth century, and compare them with those of today. Alien appearance has become much more menacing in recent years, in line with that portrayed in sci-fi movies. Can this really be so, or is it our imagination which is evolving? How can creatures which have existed for billions of years, having evolved their intelligence over eons, change so rapidly in appearance, along with that of their craft?

Some alien believers or New Agers have claimed that aliens are standing back, watching the evolution of their creation (life on earth) and intermittently aiding in the process. But why hide? If they want us to evolve, why don’t they just get on with it, come on down, and sort out this sorry mess now? These people want to assign patience and invisibility to aliens, but refuse to allow us to do the same with our God. God is supposed to straighten things out for us yesterday, if he’s really there, but the aliens can take as long as they like.

I have answers to the above questions., as well as a scriptural view of it all. On top of that is the whole consideration of the “chariots of the gods” theory. That is, that archaeology and ancient mythology confirm the entire alien-race account in relation to the history of man. Come back for part three of this post. Comments and input are welcome.

* Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Directed by Ben Stein.




Strong views and strong emotions are evoked by the whole subject of Unidentified Flying Objects, which are almost as varied and diverse as those on God or gods. Is that just coincidence…?

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I may be giving away my age here, but Close Encounters of the Third Kind was one of the few movies I watched many times over, early on in my life. It was almost a religious experience for me, and I suspect, for many other people. In fact, the brilliant Steven Spielberg must have been capitalising on this phenomenon: the emotional and spiritual attachment, the dream and the hope in many that hyper-intelligent, super-powerful beings are only one step away from us.

It was the scene at the end of the movie, where Richard Dreyfuss is gently and lovingly escorted into the mothership by child-like forms, which pulled very strongly on my emotions, before I was a Christian. The image of the alien leader is indelible on my mind: who could not miss its god-like qualities of love, wisdom and power cleverly portrayed in the face and demeanour? And who noticed, in the extended version, that Dreyfuss was crying with joy inside the ship?

I wanted to be in Dreyfuss’ place. I wanted to go with those loving, gentle creatures, into their utterly awesome and enormous ship, away from this earth, away from my unsatisfying world, and up into the stars-the heavens- with god-like beings, where beauty reigned, and where the problems of life were far behind. Nothing else in life had moved me to this extent. This was my pseudo-but-not-quite salvation experience (which ended in emptiness and frustration after the movie). Well done, director Spielberg-you really are a genius, and deserve your millions.

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To put the entire image of aliens in our minds into balance, along came, a few years later, the very antithesis of the “Third Kind” alien; the antichrist of all movie space-beings, as seen in “Independence Day”. These seemingly all-powerful stinkers were intent on wiping out life on earth, and when the US president inquired of one what it was they wanted us to do, the answer was: “Die!”

Rene Descartes reasoned that there must be a God, and that the concept of God must be innate, because we have no natural experience of infinity. With this in mind, where does the concept of hyper-intelligent aliens come from? The answer from all you alien believers will be that humans have indeed experienced aliens. There are those among us who, with religious fervour, would die-or kill-defending the existence of aliens. And there was a time when, while I wouldn’t have gone that far, was as convinced as I thought I could be, that real creatures from space regularly visit us.

And why not? With that innate view of the Eternal we wish and long for someone and something beyond the strictures and the confines and the smallness of human nature and experience. We want someone to lead us out of this limitation we all feel. The “God-shaped vacuum” of Pascal’s (though he never said those words exactly) is strong in us, just as the Force was strong in Luke. The death-grip of mortality we all find ourselves in is not really natural at all-as the evolutionists want us to think it is-but is actually un-natural: it’s not the way we were originally made. We were made for something much greater, and deep down inside…we all know it.

And so many people look to the skies, convinced that in all that unimaginably vast universe out there, there has to be intelligent life, and so more meaning and purpose than we find here on earth. But what are we Christians to think of it all? Should we agree? Should we care? And if there is alien life, what are the consequences to our faith? I hope to address some of these questions in this mini-series. Please come back for part 2. Any comments or thoughts are welcome, either here or at nick@nwi.net



Those of you who know me have always suspected that there was something odd about me. Well alright, I’m odd in a lot of ways. Now I believe the time has come to make my confession, and “come clean” as you earthlings sometimes put it. …

The truth is that I do not belong to this world.

Granted, I am not green. I don’t ingest the life force of my victims by mind power. My interstellar multi-warp-speed cruiser is not parked in the back yard (it’s at Joe’s service station). In truth I don’t need one of those pathetically slow and cumbersome “flying saucers” that you earth people see and insist must come from another galaxy. I’m not inhabiting someone else’s body (I would have chosen a better one), and I don’t have any superhuman powers.

But I do belong to another world, in fact, my life is bound up in it. Yes, my ephemeral earthly body exists in this one, and my five senses (ha – only five!) are in operation here, but the bulk of me – my eternal life essence, my future, my friends, my children, my brothers and my sisters, my heroes, my hopes and my dreams, my treasure – that which is lasting reality – are in that other dimension, that other place – my eternal home.

Don’t be alarmed when I tell you this, but I’m not the only one around. In fact, there are very many of us – millions. Not all of us are aware yet that we are aliens. Only those of us who have come to the full realization that we do not feel at home on your planet, and that we do not fit in, have learned what I am telling you. The point in your space-time continuum where we have given up trying to be human and to be settled in your world, is the point where our Leader has put his metaphorical and pan-dimensional arm around us, and gently shown us the truth. Numerous others are still desperately struggling to live and to think like you earth bound mortals do: working their bodies into the ground to buy a bigger house, a faster car, a more fashionable suit of earth-clothing, a more compliant companion, a more acceptable face, a “sexy” body – all in order to impress those around them, and to attempt to feel like humans think they ought to feel. How empty and futile is that pursuit!

Now, in order to enlighten you properly, I must tell you that I am not here speaking of “Pan-Spermia”, that earthly notion which, while admitting that life could not have evolved on this planet, goes on to claim that it “must” therefore logically have evolved on another one and was then sent here. In your heart of hearts, oh earthling, does that really make sense to you?

You should not be surprised at the revelation that aliens are living among you. If you had taken the trouble to read the message our leader provided for you, ensuring its propagation and survival over time with his own earth – blood and that of many of his followers, you would have known that he himself told you:

“My kingdom is not of this world…my kingdom is from another place” (John 18: 36 NIV).

Of those initially chosen by our leader to share his message with the world, Peter was one who declared that we are:

“…aliens and strangers in the world…” 1 Peter 2: 11).

Another wrote of the sufferings of many of our kind who had been treated with violence and scorn by the earth-bound. He noted:

“…they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth” (Hebrews 11: 13).

Our leader’s Enemy, and the enemy of mankind,  is the unseen prince and master of the world of men (John 14: 30) – though most of you are unaware of it:

“…the whole world is under the control of the evil one” (1 John 5:19).

This is why we aliens are commanded:

“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world-the cravings of sinful man, the lust of the eyes and the boasting of what he has and does-comes not from the Father but from the world” (1 John 2: 15-16).

Upon learning of his (or her) origin and destiny, the alien becomes aware that:
“Friendship of the world is enmity with God…whoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God” (James 4:4 KJV).

Your prince once offered to give said world to our Leader in return for his allegiance. He rejected it outright, declaring that he would never stoop so low as to pay such a price (Luke 4: 5-8). He did not want a ruined world. Instead, he bought aliens from out of the world of men, with His own blood. Earth will be totally liberated by our Leader, in His own way and time (Revelation 19: 11-16). Its prince and his minions will be destroyed (Revelation 20: 10). We aliens will then return to Earth with Him. We will colonize your world, and other worlds.

But here I offer you earthings hope. It may be that you are an alien and have not yet realized it. If it seems to you that you do not fit in this world, and if in those more honest moments you sense that you do not like this world of men or its prince, or how they are destroying any hope of living a good and happy life upon it, consider our leader’s message. If you are able to accept it for yourself, against all that the world of men tells you, you will know for sure that you are not of this world, but are destined for a far better one.

Here then is the jist of our Leader’s message:

“God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).

You can read more about His message here:



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