Hello to all you wonderful people out there-especially those of you in distant lands: Nigeria, South Korea, Serbia, China, and more. It’s such a blessing to know you’re there. And know this: Donald Trump and his fans are far from being racist. What you have heard about us being racist is just another one of those big fat lies which have been used to get rid of him. We LOVE you!

And that brings me to the subject of this post. While I was wondering what to write about for Monday, I couldn’t decide whether to be serious, as I usually am, or to deviate and to demonstrate that I am not, as some of you might imagine, a heavy-hearted, serious, sad, judgmental and pessimistic person. Yes, I write about some very serious issues, but I do that not because I’m miserable and live without hope: quite the contrary. Anyway, I decided to do both! I’m posting a heavy post and a light post today. Take your pick! Or read both! Comment! Here is the heavy post. But it’s not pessimistically heavy: seriousness and pessimism are most definitely not synonyms.

My hope knows no bounds. I believe in our Creator. I believe He is far more incredible and wonderful than we could ever imagine. And I believe He loves His creation so much that He sent his Son to pay the price of my sins-and yours-so that we can be forgiven and ultimately live with Him, forever. There is nothing but hope and joy stored up for the future, for those who choose Life. It will be an endless party of love and warmth and worship. But in the meantime we live here in a fallen world. We live in a world where human nature is corrupted, and where people use each other, and despise each other, and take care of themselves, and lie and cheat and steal and kill. All of that will be taken care of in God’s good time. But now, today, in this age, we all have to deal with the darkness that’s in our world.

And here is the really heavy part: the darkness is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. There’s a movement within the Church claiming that we are to bring God’s kingdom into the world: it’s up to us to make things better, so that Jesus can then return. Good luck with that: it isn’t going to happen. How do I know? Because we’re told very clearly, over and over in the Word of God, that it isn’t going to happen.

What is going to happen, sooner or later, according to Scripture? As briefly as I can say here, before the return of Jesus Christ, people are going to get even more selfish, even more immoral, even more ungodly, and even more hateful. Evil is going to be called good, good will be called evil (this is already happening). The governments of the world are going to give themselves over to global governance-and that includes the United States. They are going to turn against the Christian gospel (already a reality in most countries) and against the Christian believer. They are going to turn against the little nation of Israel and ultimately attempt to remove Israelis from Jerusalem and Judea completely. Our economy will be controlled by distant central powers, and everyone will be forced to comply or lose their livelihood and ability to buy and sell. This is the prognostication given to us by the Word of our God. This will be the culmination of human rule.

If you look around, you will see signs of all these things in process. And now, unfortunately, the United States, once the beacon of freedom, has fallen to a soft tyranny, in which elections are fixed; the majority of government officials and departments have agreed to cover up the fix, and the courts have complied. The media has been fully in bed with the plan. The nation is no longer run by “we the people”. As much as I want to be positive and hopeful, there is no will among those with power to even examine the copious evidence of election rigging, in which case, the next one will be as bad or worse. Even given a “free” election, the majority of politicians are on the same course. There is, as one commentator has said, only a uniparty. We could wax Orwellian and call it The Party, because that in essence is now what it is becoming.

See the source image

So what happens next? Well, in the normal course of history, we could be optimistic and say that freedom will win in the end, and the loss will be reversed. Everything works in cycles, and the bad guys don’t succeed for ever: it will all work out in the end.

Or, we could be even more optimistic…

More optimistic? Yes, that’s what I meant. Our fallen world is not to remain in the state it’s in. It will be restored by the Righteous judge, as He has promised. We have to go through the most fallen age of history first, but the result will be glory and unending joy. The good must follow the bad. Are we at that bad point? I don’t know, but I suspect, after forty years of observation, that we are close.

What creator of this amazing cosmos would leave his creation to rot, and not want to put right what we have destroyed? Our Maker has laid out for us many of the events which will transpire and culminate in the return of Jesus Christ, this time in power and glory, to put an end to the evil, the abuse, the violence, the hatred, the deception, the godlessness, the suffering, and finally, death itself.

Even so Lord Jesus, come…


2 thoughts on “THE MONDAY HEAVY POST

  1. Thanks Sandi. Be assured that there are millions of people out there who feel the same way as we do-you are not alone. We have been intentionally brushed aside by politicians and elite who want to impose their will over ours. That’s the kind of world we live in, and the only way to have ultimate victory, and victory today in our hearts, is by faith in Jesus Christ: “for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith” (1 John 5:4). We are in a spiritual war, but our war cry is “Victory!” because the war is already won.


  2. I thought that was very well written. I oftentimes just peruse a post, but I actually read the entire piece. I just told my husband the other day, I feel like I’m living in a crazy upside-down world. Where Up is down and down is up. And just the other day, mom quoted the same, “Evil is going to be called good, good will be called evil (this is already happening). “

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