Your entertainment is no longer in your possession-its on a cloud somewhere. It’s increasingly designed to shape and control you…

What Does a Server Actually Do in Your IT Infrastructure?

Your culture and your history are being deleted and revised and decided for you. Your politicians and judges are getting further away and becoming less accountable. You are being watched and tracked. You are conversing more with machines and less with people. Alexa and her buddies can hear you making love, and likely before long will be cataloguing all your incorrect conversation. Your Big Brother is earning more money to watch you work than you are to actually do the work.

All of your personal information, data, life history and preferences are available to the world. Your “news” media is lying to you in order to fulfil the grand agenda of the rich and powerful. Your elections are increasingly fixed, while the media is covering for the fixers.

When are you going to wake up? The problem is, as they know, that we are too comfortable to do or say anything about it, and that we have actually taken part in the creation of our own chains.


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