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I scanned the weather forecasts a couple of weekends ago in desperation, praying that the below-freezing winds passing straight through my body as I worked outside would soon abate... Sure enough, temperatures, said the official forecasts, were going to rise daily over the next week until pleasantly mild. However, the cold remained locked in throughout … Continue reading LOOKING FOR CLIMATE CHANGE


Researchers at the University of Greater Heybridge in Essex, United Kingdom, have been working on a project which could be set to turn the music world upside down... Professor Scat “the cool cat” Higginbottom has been at the center of an advanced study, picking up from where the late and great Vivian Stanshall left off. … Continue reading CONTEMPORARY JAZZ HAMSTERS*


NOTICE OF TERMINATION                                                                                                                                                                                        (FORM T-111-83449/A) This is a notice of your immediate termination of employment as determined under company regulations, which may or may not include the application of Federal and/or UN government regulation of employment policies as provided under UN-EMP-666-473895442 DATE: JUNE 23 NEW ERA 003 EMPLOYEE: 666-36271849 HIRE DATE: SEPTEMBER 18 OE 2012 … Continue reading NOTICE OF TERMINATION