Are you ready to stand up for your values and beliefs, if and when the need arises? Are you willing to make your voice heard now to stave off the silencing of Christianity and Christian values?

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The last general election demonstrated the widespread use of control in media to silence a political leader-a president no less-and his supporters. Not only so, but entire corporations intimidated, lied and smeared to shape opinion before and after the election.

In the past week, Facebook, which banned Trump from its platform, along with pronouncements by anyone of influence who supported him, made its opposition to those disagreeing with them even more open, in an Orwellian-style set of messages leaving out only the term “Big Brother”. Many outlets, including those who agree with Facebook, reported that:

Two different prompts have circulated, one asking “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” while the other warns users that they “may have been exposed to harmful extremist content recently.”
“Violent groups try to manipulate your anger and disappointment,” adds the latter missive, exhorting netizens to “take action now to protect yourself and others.”
This is not even a veiled way of saying that if you’re a dissenter from the woke way of thinking, and from the Party, you can be switched off and dealt with. Isn’t violent extremism illegal? Are you then, being in danger of being labelled a violent extremist, likely to be called a criminal, if your beliefs and pronouncement are labelled as “extremism” by the woke mob, and mob it is?

It’s not a direct attack on the Christian faith, but it is an indirect attack. Those on the left of the political world, particularly in media, know full well that the majority of Christian evangelicals supported the policies of Donald Trump. They-we- therefore were labelled “extremists”, “racists”, “bigots”, “dangerous”, and a whole range of other vilifying descriptive terms (including “deplorables”), when they, and we know full well that we are neither racist or violent, or a threat in any way to the nation or to other citizens. Moreover, pointing fingers and accusing someone of bigotry is completely hypocritical, since bigotry is an attitude of superiority.

So let’s face up to the fact that these people in media, and particularly in social media, as well as government, were intentionally working to ostracize, to disenfranchise and to vilify anyone with an evangelical Christian leaning.
We, in general, oppose abortion; the attack on God-made gender distinctions; globalization and the weakening of America. We hold to traditional values. The attack on our freedom of speech and on our chosen political leader was and is, therefore, an attack on the evangelical Christian community. Are you ready to stand and to speak your mind, or will you go quietly into the woke utopia?

*‘Are your friends becoming extremists?’ Facebook asks users as it tests bizarre new feature to combat ‘harmful content’ — RT USA News


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