At the heart of our culture war in the West, though un-noticed by many of us, is the following question: do we follow the ways of God-the ways loosely (very loosely) followed by the Western world for the last fifteen hundred years or more, or do we wash our hands of them, and follow our own ideas?

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This isn’t a matter of wanting a theocracy. Human nature is prone to make a mess of anything it gets its hands on, and so a church-governed state is not the answer to our societal ills-you can count me out of it.. But we’re all governed by beliefs and moral standards: whose morals will have the upper hand? Neutrality is capitulation-there’s no middle ground.

There are many people who are pushing our world with all their might, as far away from God as they can, while a large percentage of the Church is either being moved along with the secularists-going with the flow-or is ignorant of what’s really happening to their world. Oh, they might see things changing, and often, in their view, for the worst, but they will tut-tut and wring their hands and wonder what on earth is happening, without ever thinking clearly about the root of the problem, or what the answer is-let alone do anything about it.

If our Bible is ignored-that which claims to be the inspired Word of God, there’s no fixed reference point except what humans invent and construct, and construction and deconstruction is the aim of the secularist: re-making the world in their image. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t all going to agree, are they? They’ll never actually achieve their utopian dreams. They’re going to wrangle, and argue, and scheme, and quarrel, and fight, and bribe, and wrestle to impose their own ideas over others, who also have no fixed reference point, until the day that the Master of souls, the Creator of all things, puts a stop to it all.

In the meantime, how are you, as a Christian, going to counter their work? Once a society abandons the Word of God, as has happened, government becomes God-the final authority. And with ever-increasing centralization, we have ever-decreasing autonomy. There is, then, no alternative, from a worldly perspective, but to be governed by the most determined, the most ruthless, the most scheming, devious, immoral, self-seeking bunch of hypocrites you can imagine. Does that sound familiar?

One fine day, the Creator of heaven and earth is going to bring them, and us, to account. But until then, let us-the professing believers among us-stand squarely behind the Words of the living God:

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:15, NKJV)


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