I’ve published the latest video in my “Rapture” series, for anyone interested. The link is below. Please like and subscribe to my channel.

This is an on-going series which, I hope, will cover all the topics I’ve shared on this blog, in thirty-one parts. To find the articles just search in the box above for “Rapture” and a number, 1-31, or “Rapture” and another term such as “Imminence”, or “the last trumpet”.

In fact the videos may well be more in-depth than the blog articles and my book (All Left Behind: The Case against A Pre-Tribulation Rapture”, by Nicholas Fisher, on Amazon) since they cover the latest insights and observations.

The rapture is a very controversial topic among Christians. While many just ignore it altogether, thinking it’s either a mystical nonsense, or a concept so ethereal and uncertain that it isn’t worth bothering about, others hang their hopes and even their faith on it, so that if you alter its common interpretation, as I have, you’re threatening their hopes and dreams and faith. I have no intention of doing any of that, except that, as has happened in my own life, I would like people to get their thinking more centered on Jesus Christ, and on the truth of Scripture, over the insistence of certain “experts” who can quite easily be shown to be wrong.

Here’s the video:


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