We’ve had the Stone Age, the Dark Age, the Middle Age, the New Age, and now we have the Intentionally Deaf Age.

This is the age in which people have already made up their minds, and don’t even want to hear anything different. It doesn’t matter what you say, or what you try to say, or how you try to say it: they aren’t interested in being open-minded anymore. And no surprise, when our examples-the politicians-that is, our new gods up there on Mt. Olympus and their spokespeople in the media, have shut their own ears.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t preach the gospel anymore, or that we shouldn’t attempt to nudge or pray people onto the path of life and reason. I’m saying that my expectations have diminished. Yes, God can do all things, but He isn’t going to force anyone into the Kingdom or into logical thought patterns: and no, I don’t care what Calvin said-I’ve shut my ears to him!

I’m saying that it’s time to cement our own faith, and our own reason and to promote an inner, God-given strength, in an age in which the only acceptable line of thought is that which is illogical, manufactured, dismembered from plain observable facts of nature, and intentionally divorced from the inspired Word of God. To distill my observation, anything which is different to what our God has said, is okay today. And unfortunately, the same could be said for a large section of the Church, which is going its own ways.

Everyone, grab a hold while you can. The truth is, as they say, “out there”, in a book known as The Bible.

“Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” (Acts 2:40).


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