No more than a few years ago political correctness would point a finger at you and tell you not to judge. They missed the fact that calling someone else “judgmental” is itself a judgment: hypocrisy on display. Now, under wokeness, the originating mentality has come entirely out of its closet, points a finger at all white people, and calls them racists.

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

What I don’t understand is, why, if as Democrats and their media are telling us, all white people are incurable racists-locked in the new and unforgivable original sin of racism-do we have a white president? Why doesn’t he hand over his position, and why aren’t all other Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and all their media giant supporters handing over the baton to people of color? The hypocrisy lives on, day after day.

I am white. I may be getting up there in years, but I was never involved in the slave trade. I never owned a slave. I’ve never been racist in my outlook or in my inner person, and I refuse the stupid-yes stupid, childish and judgmental accusation that I’m a racist just because my skin colour is pale. That accusation itself is blatantly racist and divisive. It isn’t uniting anyone, as Mr Biden claims: it’s dividing. And the people on CNN and the Democrats in congress and the educators (who should know better) who are pushing and perpetuating this nonsense are encouraging division. What is their real motivation? It isn’t unity, and it isn’t the good of the country.

Photo by CamMorin on Unsplash

When Trump was first elected they attempted to pin on him-the most patriotic president in recent history-the charge of being a Russian agent. Even the secret services-allegedly there to protect freedom and the rule of law, helped the cause of the leftists who saw that Trump’s campaign had tapped into a vein of patriotism. It wasn’t a desire to return to days of segregation and slavery: that was one more hateful lie pushed onto a segment of the population who don’t know how to think for themselves. It was a desire to better the nation and the world for everyone, with policies which would have been good for us all.

They also all saw that Trump’s policies were having an immediate beneficial affect on the economy, not only of the United States but of the whole world. Leftism, and extreme socialism, were being pushed out of office, and that must not happen at any cost. So in order to bolster the Russia hoax, now being increasingly exposed as the lie that it was, but still perpetuated by the Democrat media, the claim was made that being an American patriot, and wanting the country to do well, and wanting to uphold the law and the constitution, was in fact racism. If the fist lie didn’t have the desired effect, this one would.

The stupid, crass, destructive, lying charge was taken up unquestioningly. It would put the boot into the detested groin of conservatism and Donald Trump, and all his followers, and the United States, and the West, all at once. This, thought the Left, was the way to get their way, and would shame a majority of people into agreeing with them. This is the real motivation of these people: to gain and maintain power at any costs and in any manner, no matter what the real will of the people is.

The charges of the Russia hoax and racism weren’t the only whopping great lies pushed through the compliant media against Trump and Deplorables such as myself: there have been and still are many others. Trump was portrayed around the world by the likes of CNN and leftist celebrities as a buffoon who knew nothing and who was going to start World War Three. This fact alone tells me and many others, that we are being ruled by what is probably the most corrupt, dishonest and disgusting bunch of politicians and spokes-people ever to gain power over the West.


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