Just when I begin to think that my blog isn’t turning anyone on, or that it isn’t helping anyone…and just when I begin to think it’s time to hang up my keyboard, I get a little more encouragement to go on. The most recent encouragement came not only from a new follower, but from a geologist who is also a creationist.

Image by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

Dr. Andrew Snelling tells the story in a YouTube video of how he applied to conduct research in the Grand Canyon, as he had on other occasions over many previous years, only to be blocked by the park administration. In their comments included in the refusal was mockery of the fact that Snelling was a creationist. At this point, and discovering that secular scientists were not being similarly blocked, he and his team decided to file a lawsuit against the park, which was going to also be ultimately against a division of the Obama administration and the DOJ. American law provides for freedom from discrimination based on religion. However, just as the lawsuit was about to go ahead, the administration changed, and Trump coincidentally passed an executive order stopping the national parks from discriminating on any grounds.

From that point the park made a deal with Snelling’s team, allowing him to conduct the research. The results are fascinating and uplifting (pun intended) and you can see them in Snelling’s presentation at the link below.

Image by me, Nick Fisher.

At the end of the presentation, the doc acknowledged freely that his motivation behind finding and presenting evidence in favour of Biblical creationism is not to win scientific arguments, since no hearts are won by scientific evidence alone. Instead, he said, he works to provide answers to the claims of evolution in order to remove blocks in the road to faith for anyone who is searching.

I’m no scientist, but I found Andrew’s testimony encouraging, because, he said, we should all be doing what we can do to help people who may be open to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t know if I help many people, or even if I help anyone move in the direction of saving faith in Jesus Christ, but I can do what I can do-and so can you. I can do my little bit, and pray that by God’s grace, someone’s access to the knowledge of the truth will be made a little easier by something I have shared here.


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