Who is the ultimate traveler in space and time? Anyone interested in the British TV show “Dr. Who” in recent years will know that “the doctor” has practically ascended to the status of a god, as has his amazing time machine, the "TARDIS". Certainly he’s a modern super hero (and arguably the most interesting one), … Continue reading THE ULTIMATE TIME LORD


  IS TIME SPEEDING UP? I heard a prophecy teacher saying that God has sped time up so as to get us to the Rapture quicker and get the world sorted out... (L8M8, "flow3r5") (My apologies to those few of you who may have read this before in one of my "Mind Burp" posts-I'm rather proud … Continue reading IS TIME SPEEDING UP?

MIND-BURP 9: Your Very Own “Time And Relative Dimension In Space”

IN THIS MONTH'S ISSUE: TARDIS!* HOW TO LOSE AND LOVE IT TODAY'S TEN-NATION CONFEDERACY PLUS ONE THE ESTABLISHMENT CLAWS UP THE DOWNS, MATE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GOES FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH  1: TARDIS!* Did you ever dream of having your very own time machine? (L8M8 "Flo3r5") Having recently viewed the last few series of Dr. Who, and … Continue reading MIND-BURP 9: Your Very Own “Time And Relative Dimension In Space”