The God Hypothesis Summary: 5.

In 1927 Georges LemaƮtre, a Belgian physicist (and incidentally, a Catholic priest) declared from his own studies that space is expanding spherically. He also surmised that one logical conclusion from this fact was that there had to be a starting point for the expansion, which he called the "primeval atom"


If God made the world, why is the universe so vast? Have you heard that question from a sceptic, or have you perhaps asked it yourself? To the agnostic and the atheist, it seems a ludicrous concept that any God would make the cosmos to be so mind-bendingly huge, and yet make only one little … Continue reading CHRIST’S EVER-EXPANDING COSMOS


I was wondering, the other day, how many times our Creator has been asked the question, "God! Where are you?" I would venture to say we've all asked this question many times over, in many different ways. Sometimes we intend to question the nature of God, or His existence. Other times, it's a question more … Continue reading WHERE IS GOD?


Call me a romantic if you must (I would like that) or a dreamer (I am) or crazy (again, there may be some basis...) or un-scriptural (I would challenge that one...) but it seems to me that the universe isn't there just to look pretty for people on this little speck called earth... I was … Continue reading THE FINAL (AND ENDLESS) FRONTIER