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Sometimes I think I'm just casually going to scan through a portion of Scripture in a couple of minutes, and instead the message contained therein comes alive, and I'm making all kinds of discoveries about it, even though I've read it countless times before. The Word of God is truly alive. It has unfathomable depth and significance. It's no creation of man.



If I were the devil, the place for me would be Washington DC. If, according to Scripture, Satan wants to rule the world, then the obvious hang-out, besides all the sources of disinformation and entertainment, would be the command center of the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth. I would claw my way to … Continue reading D.C. POWER

WHY DO WE SUFFER? Part 7: Satan

For many, this will be perhaps the most difficult part of my series to accept. The notion that there is really a ‘devil’ is nothing less than ridiculous to even a big percentage of those who claim to be followers of Christ. I can only say that if you are among those who wish to … Continue reading WHY DO WE SUFFER? Part 7: Satan