220px-Lucas_Cranach_the_Elder-Adam_and_Eve_1533UNITY AND DIVISION

While the majority of us are preoccupied with the one-eyed Cyclops, being nightly indoctrinated and brainwashed with lies and deception, and being desensitized to all kinds of evil such as violence and the destruction of the family unit, others out there are busy changing our world for the worse just as rapidly as they can.  It seems that as long as people have at least two hundred channels to watch they’re satiated, as though it were Grade “A” Soma. Governments know this very well, and they know that most people care or even know little about decisions being made which will change their world, until television directs their minds to care.

The West has been betrayed, and is being betrayed, by media people and politicians of both persuasions. Government has been growing rapidly and spending more and more of our money to make more and more rules and regulations. Globalization has robbed our countries of millions of jobs.  In place of a natural culture of voluntary semi-unity, we have political correctness, which claims that we can and must have unity by developing and enforcing diversity. Well where is it? The answer is that the proponents of political correctness are working to force their views onto the rest of us and then make us, by law, all go along. This is their idea of unity.

We may have the immense privilege (irony) of all those channels to watch, and computers coming out of our ears, and new cars in the driveway, but what’s happened to our community and our will to live in one? Where people could once have had a chat with their neighbors over the garden fence, they now find that the neighbors speak a different language, follow a different religion, move out twice a year, live a new government-protected lifestyle, or think of themselves as being too “cool” or better-than-you to talk to just anybody, and want nothing to do with their neighbors. Many people don’t even know the names of those who live next door.

The traditional and extended family is almost gone, the community is almost gone, nationhood and patriotism are almost gone, and unity is almost gone. Winston Churchill must be turning over in his grave, and to be frank (though my name is really Nick), not many people even care what Winston Churchill would think anyway.

What once gave the West its unity and prosperity was Christian thought, Christian lifestyles, Christian families, Christian morals, and Christian principles and ethics. The fact that many gasp in disgust at such a statement shows just how far we have gone down the road of division and godlessness. No matter that a large number of people in that Christian world were not believers, and that some were as crooked as human nature sometimes is-at least they had, for the most part, a shared understanding of how to behave and how to get along, without forcing others to agree. Why should we be wondering what’s happening to our world, when the facts are plain to see? We have rejected the God of the Bible, and we’ve invited in everything that is opposed to Him, everything which replaces unity with division, and a political correctness which wants to grab by the throat all who would stop it.


Anyone heard of the old “divide and conquer” tactic?  Who’s been doing the dividing and the conquering?

The first man and the first woman existed in total freedom, for a time. They were created in perfection, and in perfect beauty. They had the entire world to themselves. There was no-one to make them afraid, and no-one to make them work. They were naked and unashamed, and were created to be “one flesh”. They were in perfect union.

Before long, the Divider entered the scene.

Humanity had been blessed with conscience and a free will: the dignity to choose between right and wrong. Relishing his chance at gaining power over the pinnacle of God’s creation, the Serpent immediately got to work making his first convert, convincing her that God was really just a killjoy and a liar – he wasn’t to be trusted. She could find her own spirituality, without that Liar controlling her.  The Serpent knew that her man would follow like a little puppy, and choose to obey her and not God.

Humans had begun to think their own way, and not God’s way.  Division had entered the world, most significantly between God and man, but also between people, and here we all are, trying to patch it all together our own way, and it isn’t working, and neither will it.

What makes us think we can have a unified and free society without our Creator? The only “unity” without Him will come (and is already coming) by force of law. And man cannot exist for long without God any more than we can exist without air.


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