DINOSAURS, by Benjamin Fisher, age 11


feathered dinosaur

By Benjamin Fisher, age 11

All atheists believe dinosaurs died out millions and millions of years ago. But how come there are still dinosaur bones today? After millions of years they would have all decayed. There have been dinosaur bones found  with living blood cells that still haven’t decayed. You would think that after millions of years the blood cells would not be there.

But how did the dinosaurs die out? Creationists might say that after the flood they were hunted down and used for meat. On the atheists point of view they evolved into birds. Dinosaurs are cold blooded reptiles and birds are worm blooded. How can one type of animal turn into another?

Atheists say that all those big dinosaurs could not fit on the ark. They are right. Big dinosaurs like brachiosaurus could not fit on the ark unless the ark was huge which would cause lots of problems for Noah. But if Noah took baby dinosaurs (most were the size of sheep) they could fit on the ark.


2 thoughts on “DINOSAURS, by Benjamin Fisher, age 11

  1. I never thought a great deal about the possibility of dinosaurs on the Ark, a very good point Benjamin.
    I certainly think there were some dinosaurs around in Biblical times, how cool would it be to have had one as a pet!?
    Blessings, Tev.


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