Is anything objectively true, or is truth only that which we imagine to be true? Does truth matter?


(ARCHIE PELAGO “Neighborhood Mephisto”)

I borrowed my magnificent title from a rapper called “MC 900 FT. JESUS” whose video is humorous, contains no bad language or explicit images, but which is somewhat irreverent and will trample on the sensibilities of some, so you may want to ignore the link I’ve pasted below*

I suspect the rapper, otherwise known as Mark Griffin, was as much opposed to faith in Jesus as he was opposed to faith in anyone else, but I think his point is well made, which is that there’s an awful lot of nonsense passing off as “truth” out there. However, in this postmodern age, who cares? In our day, there is nothing objectively true-no Truth with a capital “T”: such truth is out of style. You’ve got your truth, I’ve got mine, and we can all be happy-right?

And if, as a politician, you “adjust” and manipulate the facts, you are telling your kind of truth, and therefore you are telling the truth, right?

I was speaking with a friend who calls himself an atheist and a “rationalist”. To demonstrate just how rational he is, he told me that given enough time “anything” can happen, and gave an example by saying that eventually, due to “the laws of probability”, a man would do backward summersaults through a hoop while being both swallowed and spat out by a whale.


Of course, this idea of time being the magic ingredient which can make all things happen is a rationale given for the whole idea of the evolution of us from nothing, or from that tiny “singularity”. Given enough time, a universe would form itself, and life would come from non-life, and here we all are.  And that’s the point my friend was trying to make to me. The universe itself, he said, is a sentient being, and stars are sentient beings, and it’s all thanks to the law of probability. Doubtless probability is to be thanked for designing and constructing the computer you’re using at this moment. So we have a new God: the Almighty Probability!

Further, my friend demonstrated how order can come out of chaos by bringing my attention to the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and subsequent disasters. Nature is thriving once again, thus demonstrating that order can come out of chaos, he said.


I pointed out that nature is thriving because it was designed and created to survive-it has  nothing whatsoever to do with order coming from chaos. It’s information and intelligence which begets design and order, not chaos, not chance, and not probability or time. Time came and probability came into being with the universe, so there was no time or probability to bring it into existence in the first place. The Second Law of Thermodynamics-entropy-contradicts the idea of order coming from chaos.

If it’s really true that “given enough time anything can happen”, then given enough time, a divine being could arise and create a world with life on it, and could then communicate with his creation. If it’s really true that a man could turn summersaults through a hoop backwards while being swallowed and spat out by a whale, then it’s also true that a man called Jonah could be swallowed by a whale in order for him to be taught a valuable life-lesson. However, it seems that even the great Probability can’t pull that one off.


It’s amazing to me what people will choose as their “truth”. There are so many contradictory and often nonsensical “truths” out there because people are looking for any way they can find to explain their existence without acknowledging God. The most logical, rational explanation for our existence, the one which fits the available information and the world around us is that there is a Designer. There is a Creator-one who made us very much in his image, one who loves his creation, and one who is surely intent on returning it to order and perfection in his good time. More than that, there is a God who is perfectly capable and willing to communicate with his creation. This is why Jesus Christ, the God-man, said:

“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6 NIV).

If you read this far you might enjoy my post “Is God a Teapot?”



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