“So many Heads, So Little Sand”;

“Is it ISIS or ISIL?”;


“Contemporary Jazz Hamsters”;

“Do Animals Go To Heaven?”, by our special guest writer, Benjamin.


So many people these days are saying that the news is too depressing to watch or listen to, so they avoid it altogether.  I understand that kind of thinking, and I often feel the same way myself, because the news can be very depressing and worrying.

However, think of the consequences of our attitude.. Politicians and judges are busily trashing our country and selling out to Islam, China, Big Brother, immorality and their own pet projects, and they’re getting away with it because we’re letting them get away with it. Forget the news media: for the most part, they’re in cahoots with their champion politicians and judges.

We, the people, are like a bank manager chatting with a customer while his bank is being robbed, because he doesn’t want to worry, and he doesn’t want to confront the robber. Now, that’s more depressing and worrying than the news itself.


Hal Lindsey recently focused on the rampaging and brutal Islamist movement in Iraq and Syria currently labelled “Isis” by the Western media (remember, “If you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed, and if you do you’re misinformed”-Mark Twain). Lindsey noted that President Obama has interestingly called it “ISIL”, which stands for “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant”. This reflects the vision of the Islamists more accurately, which is that they want a far bigger portion of the Middle East, including the land known as “Israel”.


Whether ISIL continues to gain ground or another group takes over leadership of the cause, the perpetual movement of radical Moslems against their perceived enemy, Israel, is clear. The Bible speaks of a time when a newly reborn nation of Israel would be surrounded by hostile enemies claiming the land to be theirs. It also tells us that the nations of the world will take sides against Israel, and will invade Israel and divide Jerusalem by force. Most significantly, this future invasion will be the trigger for Armageddon, and the return of Jesus Christ, not as a meek and lowly teacher, but as the roaring Lion of Judah. See my post “Jerusalem and You: Choose Wisely”


Environmentalists, we’re told (and not at all big business standing to gain big bucks), are pushing for such power saving innovations as the giant wind turbine. The wind turbines are far more environmentally friendly, we’re told.

Well, about fifty miles from where I live are some beautiful desert hills and mountains rising to around four thousand feet, with much higher mountains in the background. Those same hills and mountains are already littered with giant turbines which can sometimes be seen from here-fifty miles away, and more are being built. Chopping up the habitat of numerous birds of prey, these metal monsters lend no beauty to the landscape. The natural environment of the desert and the wilds have been tamed, soiled,  prostituted and daubed with graffiti by these turbines as far as I’m concerned, and it makes me sick.


Researchers at the University of Greater Heybridge in Essex, United Kingdom, have been working on a project which could be set to turn the music world upside down.

Professor Scat “the cool cat” Higginbotttom has been at the center of an advanced study, picking up from where the late and great Vivian Stanshall left off. That is, the discovery that hamsters have more musical talent in their genes than Mozart and Beethoven had between them.

It all began late one December night in 1971 when Stanshall, then still working on his own masterpieces for the “Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band”, detected  a small, shrill but heavenly voice coming from the corner of his living room. To Stanshall’s amazement, it was his thirty-two year old hamster “Minks”, who, after having relieved himself copiously on the floor of his cage, was jubilantly singing “Moonlight In Vermont” with a gusto which would have sent Sinatra into a rage of envy. The University of Heybridge was poised to spearhead the study of this phenomenon.

Unfortunately neither Stanshall nor the Uni. were able to find the funding needed to conduct a thorough study of Minks’ talent, and the raving rodent was all but forgotten. However, similar discoveries made by other hamster-lovers in recent times have revived interest in these amazing creatures, and thanks to Prime Minister Cameron’s personal interest in the humble hamster, government funding has at last been forthcoming to the tune of two million British pounds (twenty-eight trillion dollars).

Professor Higginbottom is absolutely delighted:

“I’m absolutely delighted”, he said.

So stay tuned folks, it’s only a matter of time before the newest heart throb on your favorite radio station will be…a hamster.


5: Do Animals go to Heaven? by Benjamin Fisher.

(My son Ben tackled this important subject about a year ago, at the age of 10).

Yes do animals  go to heaven? Well on one point of view “NO”, because  creatures

don’t  have souls .If they don’t have souls they cant go to heaven. Well … where do

they go? The answer is “I don’t know “.

But on the other point of view “THEY MIGHT”, because  “What  about my cute little guchy

goo. My my adorable sweety pie .My hunny bunches. Yes what if your pet(cat, dog, fish,

hamster, kangaroo, alligator, t-rex)is respectful and kind, well maybe they do go to

heaven. Personally “I DON’T KNOW”.



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