(an artist’s impression of NOAH’S ARK)


The most up-to date understanding of Biblical manuscripts, along with on-site cutting-edge laser technology, has led experts to conclude that Noah’s ark was not a large wooden ship designed to float on water as has been thought, but was in fact an alien star cruiser!

Dr. Popp E. Cock, leading a most highly qualified research team, has stated that we now know the cruiser was originally used to ferry early humans to the ancient earth, perhaps two million years ago.

Theologians have confirmed Popp E. Cock’s research. Among the results of the latest expert analysis of Bible scriptures are these findings:

  • The Nephilim, mentioned in Genesis chapter 6, were an alien race from our own galaxy, and were overseeing the human population of the earth for up to two million years;
MAY 2012 to JULY 2013 089
  • The reference to Noah “walking with God” (Genesis 6:10) is evidence that he was in close co-operation with the Nephilim, who helped him utilize the star cruiser during earth’s most recent ice-age and following floods;
  • The words sometimes translated “gopher wood” or “Cypress wood”, the material which Noah was told to build the ark with, are actually ancient Hebrew words referring to metal alloys of an unknown composure. Most likely Noah had to make some repairs to the vessel with materials provided by the Nephilim;
  • The reason the ark has never been found is that it returned to space after the ice-age subsided: scorch marks matching the dimensions of the ark given in Genesis chapter six have been found in Eastern Turkey*



Now I’m being serious again, just in case you wondered. But why the Noah story?

I created the story to illustrate what I believe is an ungodly attitude towards the Bible in our age from those who in many cases are trusted as being authoritative discerners and relayers of scriptural truth.

As a primer to my attack on some influential teachers, or perhaps I mean wolves in our midst, I’d like to briefly recall a conversation I had several years ago with a Christian man which developed onto a full scale heated debate.

I happened to mention to him my belief in the last-days significance of the nation of Israel, and he asked me what I meant. When I quoted from the Old Testament to support my assertion, he said forcefully, “It doesn’t mean that!” So I asked him what he thought it meant, and his reply was, “I don’t know, but it doesn’t mean that”.

This was the tone of the entire debate, because while he “believed” everything in the Bible, his view was that any attempt to impose an interpretation on it is unavoidably faulty. It’s not possible to make any sense out of the Bible: you just have to believe it.

If Scripture doesn’t mean what it says, then we and our “teachers” and guides can make it mean what we want to, depending on what the trend and thinking of the day is. With this attitude, truth is being destroyed or masked, and the unwary and imprudent are fooled.



“The Independent” on 28th October of this year relayed the message from the Pope that God either can’t tell the truth or he doesn’t mean what he says. Pope Francis declared that:

“The theories of evolution and the Big Bang are real and God is not “a magician with a magic wand”

Speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope made comments which experts (note the “experts” word-me) said put an end to the “pseudo theories” of creationism and intelligent design that some argue were encouraged by his predecessor, Benedict XVI (1).

Can I hear the funeral march? It’s the death of truth, or at least, the attempted murder of it. Is not the Biblical record one of miracles? Does scripture not declare that  Jesus Christ said “with God all things are possible”? Why would anyone want to head a religion which has no divine power or wisdom but only human knowledge?

A recent guest on a certain nationwide radio talk show (another “expert”) chewed and spat out the Bible’s six days of creation. He claimed that the first verse of Genesis chapter one, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”, is not a part of the following six days of creation, but is separated from them by who knows how long: perhaps billions of years. While the famous female host fell over herself agreeing with him for thousands of people to hear, my mind went to Exodus:

“For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh” (Exodus 20:11).

This very plainly-worded verse directly contradicts what Professor X had said, because in it the Lord-not just Moses- declares that everything, including the heavens as noted in Genesis 1:1, was created in six days. There is no word about any billions of years gap between the creation of the universe and the creation of life on the earth: it’s been inserted by those who just can’t stomach the idea that secular scientists-unbelievers-could be biased and wrong.

More than that, God compared our seven day week with the six days of creation plus His day of rest.

The guest went on to explain why he thinks that the days are not days at all. The Bible “says” days-evenings and mornings and all, but it doesn’t “mean” days.

Well, thank you for enlightening me oh great one-of course God is incapable of getting it right or making himself clear, so we need high priests like you masquerading as believers to straighten us-and Him-out.


Admittedly Professor X is scientifically indoctrinated -I’m sorry, I mean “educated”- and we peons are not. But then, so are others scientifically trained, others who actually believe that God can tell the truth and that He created in six days.

For example, I’ve been reading some tremendous articles by the Institute for Creation Research’s Nathaniel T. Jeanson. Jeanson has a PH.D in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University. Other well-educated people also believe the Word of God and don’t feel the need to correct it, such as Dr. Vernon R Cupps, who received a PH.D in nuclear physics from Indiana University  (2).

Should we now remove the miraculous from the Bible so that we can look good in front of the cynics and the atheists and the agnostics? Who are we trying to please: God or man? Of course the creation was not natural-it was miraculous! It was miraculous just as the resurrection of Christ was miraculous. If we’d waited for the resurrection to happen naturally it would never happen at all!

If we really want to please the atheist and the agnostic we will say that there is no God whatsoever, because this is all they will settle for. Don’t expect me to live in that land of wishy-washy hypocrisy.

Lots of people are waiting to get to heaven to ask God, “How old is the earth really?” God may well answer, “It is written…”  (Matthew 4:4). Who then will have the nerve to say, “I know that’s what it says, but what does it mean?”


“Why does it matter?” I can hear some people ask. My answer is that if you’re really believing in the Biblical God for salvation and for your heaven, where are you going to get your basis of authority for that belief from? If the Bible doesn’t mean what it says, how do you know there’s a Jesus, or a heaven, or salvation, or forgiveness from your sins, if it’s all dependent on the “experts”, many of whom don’t believe anyway, and if the secularists and evolutionists are right?

So unbelievers like Dr. X can take a hike so far as I’m concerned: I’m going to believe the plain statements of the Bible, and not look for some way of bowing to the wisdom of man.

  • “NOAH’S ARK WAS A STAR CRUISER” Copyright November 2014 by Nick Fisher





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