Let me issue this warning up front of my following tirade: half of you are really not going to like what I have to say. But which half? You’ll probably only have to read a little way to find out…

Here’s another warning: the following video may be distressing to some nature lovers, though it does have a happy ending. I gather that lemmings don’t really jump off of cliffs:  these are only acting…

When was it ever possible to please everyone anyway? And why should that come into our consideration when commenting on or trying to defend and define truth? Isn’t it more important to contend for what is real, and the way that works and which has real substance to it?

One of the most scary things about our present social and political climate is that so many people are unable to think critically. They’ve been successfully brainwashed so that they believe everything their TV tells them, and they’re unwilling to stand up for what they believe for fear of being politically incorrect. They want to go with the flow. This brings to my mind an image of the proverbial (and allegedly mythical) lemming suicide, in which they follow their leader off the edge of the cliff. The flow of society is in the direction of moral and social decay. It’s in the direction of globalism. It’s in the direction of wishy-washy, insipid, innocuous, empty and irrational universalism: a lowest-common-denominator world where the only acceptable conviction is that nobody should have any convictions.

I’m one of those who is certain that the up-coming Presidential election in the US is either going to cement and continue President Obama’s “fundamental transformation”, or rather, I hope, draw us back from the brink of the demise of Western civilization-Christian civilization: from the demise of freedom, and of responsibility, honesty and civility.


Look at what’s transpired in just a few short years. We have women-wives girlfriends and mothers- in the front lines of the next war (1), chaplains being prevented from praying in the name of Jesus (2), trans-gender bathrooms with the government attempting to enforce trans-genderism even in schools (3) and gay marriage, with any criticism of it being labeled “hate-speech”. We have openly gay military servicemen, and government-funded and protected abortion mills trading in human body parts. Because of the administration’s worldview we have Iran-the world’s largest promoter of terrorism-on a path to nuclear weapons, the Middle-East in turmoil, and our only democratic ally in the region, Israel, threatened from all sides. Back in the USSA and around the world we have radical Islamic terrorism beginning to run rampant, with the administration and its adoring media refusing to identify the enemy, and we have someone who lies under oath running for President. The list goes on and on.

I hate to have to say this, but remaining taboos may well fall if this “fundamental transformation” continues after the next election: pedophilia; euthanasia; polygamy; infanticide. Don’t believe me? Isn’t it just a few years ago that no-one would have believed we’d have gay marriage or trans-gender rest-rooms? And there are already people campaigning for these very things.



“The ruling class do not want remedies; they care only for money, and are as careless of virtue as the poorest of the citizens…” (PLATO’S “REPUBLIC”).

A very large number of people seem to have not noticed that it’s the Democrats and liberals who are currently the ruling classes. But our largely unbalanced media and education establishments have successfully convinced fifty percent of the population that the reality as related in Plato’s above warning only applies to the Republican Party and anyone who isn’t a socialist. The Republicans are all “in bed” with Wall Street, big banks and big business, goes the story…the Republicans are all rich and only care about the rich. The Republicans hate everyone but themselves and their rich buddies, while the Democrats are caring and working for the betterment of those who are struggling.

Really? If that’s the case, why do billionaires support the Democrats and remain billionaires? Why are many of the ruling liberal establishment millionaires? Why do the wealthy news media support them and defend them? Why have the Clintons made many millions of dollars just by making speeches to the big banks(4) and lobby groups (5)? How does Mrs Clinton acquire many millions of dollars to prosecute her campaign if she represents the party of the poor? Why do they want to share other peoples’ money around but not their own? Why are there even more people-despite the “official” figures- unemployed now than there were eight years ago (6)?

At least Mr Trump, vilified by the media and charged by Democrats with being obsessed with making money, has funded his own campaign without accepting any large donations from those who want to gain favors from a future President. He’s accused daily of being a racist, when in truth he has no past record of racism and has made no truly racist comments whatsoever. His desire to secure the borders of the country is called “racism” even though that’s exactly what any other nation which wants to survive does and always has done. The term “racism” is hurled around in a desperate effort to make Trump appear like a demon to the voting public, and unfortunately, a significant portion of the voting public is unable to think for itself or to see reliable media reports. Fascism? The Nazis were socialists, as were the Soviets, and socialism is what the Democratic party is now all about.

What’s most worrying to me about this election campaign is that truth seems to have been thrown to the ground, trampled on and then hurled out the window, and very few people care-even among those who were elected to serve the public. The mainstream news media, who should be serving the public by examining both candidates and their parties, are doggedly protecting their darling and willing her to the White House with all their might.


As much as I want the nation to return to its Christian roots and to regain some common sense in social issues, I tend to think, in my pessimism, that it’s not going to happen. I’m one of those who thinks that the times foretold by the Bible prophets are near, and what I see in those prophesies is that the entire world will be in the grip of immorality and violence, and all nations will oppose and attack Israel. While Trump is not an evangelical Christian, his worldview aligns with a Christian worldview in several significant ways, whereas his opponent’s is, as far as I’m concerned, in direct opposition to it. Just consider the current Democratic view that we should have a “border-less world” and embrace globalism: this is nothing short of an intentional reversal of Babel. It’s the “iron and clay” feet and toes of Daniel’s image.

As much as I want to see the return of Jesus Christ, I hope and pray I’m wrong about the future of the United States, and that the nation, and by influence the world, will take a step back from that cliff edge: may it be so.










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