How many of you are aware of what’s really happening to the United States? Those of you who don’t have access to free media-which is rapidly diminishing even in the US, will not be aware that a coup of sorts has been occurring and is close to being completed. You have been totally misinformed and kept in the dark by a media which appears to be controlled by a large body of super-rich elites, and even foreign powers, and those who are prepared to go along with them rather than put up a fight. After all, why rock the boat, or risk being suicided, when you have all those perks and all that power?

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You have been lied to consistently for over four years about Donald Trump. And now the biggest big-tech companies are silencing him, and anyone who supports him online: he knows too much. I don’t expect to be able to write freely like this much longer, but I’m not going to roll over like half of the lily-livered, unfaithful, two faced Republican party has.

If America goes down, dear reader, so do you, sooner or later. What awaits us all is not Utopia: it is instead all the dystopias of literary invention rolled into one. The “great reset” will be a huge disaster for us all. It will be impossible for the powers that be to manipulate the world-our world-into their mold successfully without a lot of pain for an enormous amount of people. And that’s even if their mold were a good one-as much as their deluded arrogant minds think they can do it. There is potential trouble and upheaval in store for all of us if they continue on their path unchecked.

Our congress people have not only badly let us down, they have betrayed the American people in a most disgusting way. Even some of those closest to Donald Trump in government, have shown their true colours and their potential for betrayal and treasonous acts. Human nature is truly a fearful thing. Very few people in government can actually be trusted in our time.

At this point it isn’t clear exactly what all their intentions are, though I could probably name most of them, based on comments, trends, and what Scripture says their intentions are, if indeed we are as close to that time as we appear to be. Suffice it to say that as this presidential election has been fixed, by a large group of international parties involved in the steal along with the Democratic party and their supporters. and since no, repeat no court would even look at the enormous amount of evidence of fraud offered to them in what is supposed to be an open and transparent process, it means that no future election will be free either, unless these people are somehow stopped now. Democracy is on the edge of extinction.

In DC hatemongers, liars and deceivers are so rabid at this point-and I include mainstream media-that it can only be the result of dark spiritual forces leading the charge. And in the capital, some of the most powerful are aware that if Trump continues in office any longer, he will expose their actions. If you look around, you may know that it isn’t just an attack on this country, but on the world as a whole-particularly the Western world. Something very big appears to be in process. It isn’t just bias against one president or one man: the entire thing is far bigger than that.

Law no longer applies to these people: they have exempted themselves. They stand to lose too much if they allow law to have its way. The constitution must go, in their philosophy: the constitution which guaranteed free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of self-defence, and freedom of religious conscience. All is now severely under threat. And as I said, if America goes down, so will the rest of the world.

Lawlessness comes from the master of lawlessness, with the aid of the dark hearts of those in control. And if lawlessness takes control of the last truly free society on earth, can the revealing of the lawless “man of sin” be far behind? Perhaps I’m over-reacting: perhaps not. In my post, The Party of the Beast, I outlined the principal characteristics of our coming last-days dictator and the people who will help him to power. They are, by uncanny coincidence, the same as those of our ruling elites. They include an attack on the sovereignty of little Israel, ally of the West; the silencing of the Christian gospel; the end of freedom of livelihood for those who will not comply with their wishes; a continuation of movement towards global governance and away from sovereign states; a total control of all financial transactions and interaction; a promotion of every kind of immorality, and a disregard for the individual in favour of the claimed benefit to society as a whole.

Heads up. Pray hard. Question what the media tells you. Trust in God.


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