Secular science has banned God, as has the education system. There is no discussion of creation or design among evolutionists or secularists, because, having intentionally ejected God from open consideration, they are now doggedly determined to keep Him out…

This in spite of the fact that all the famous pioneers and ground-breakers of science were believers, whose goal was to reveal the works of God through science, such as Louis Pasteur, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Blaise Pascal, Johann Keppler, and Michael Faraday (1). Today these men would not be given a hearing or a job. Believers have to keep a low profile. Science has been hijacked by those insisting that evolutionism is science.
However, while the secular world celebrates the expulsion of God and any meaning to life, there are heroes of faith behind the scenes continuing to reveal the works of God, and clearly refuting the lies which underpin evolution theory. Here I would like to share some of their work, as briefly as I can.


We were all assured, a couple of decades ago, that scientists have show that humans and chimps share an almost identical genome. This was presented as incontrovertible proof of human descent from ape- like ancestors. Well without fanfare, this “fact” has been debunked.

Creationist Jeff Tomkins, with a PhD in plant genetics, and experience heading genetics research at Clemson University, conducted in-depth research for ICR into the human-chimp link. He found that DNA samples had been cherry-picked by the original claimants, and that the samples had been contaminated with human DNA. With more realistic observation, the similarity between humans and chimps was, at most, eighty-five percent. A number of at least ninety-eight percent would be necessary to show common descent. Tompkins shared that a secular British researcher, using different algorithms, had come up with the 85% figure also. You are NOT related to apes! (2).

Dr Tomkins is also one of the many who write competently on the lack of transitional forms in the fossil record. As an example, his latest article is titled, “The Fossils Still Say No: The Fins-Feet Transition” (3). See also his article on the lack of evidence for the evolution of vertebrates (3a).


I have previously reviewed a book called “Darwin’s Doubt” by Dr. Stephen Meyer*. Meyer, a well-known proponent of “Intelligent Design”, effectively and powerfully documents the weaknesses, flaws and the holes in Neo-Darwinian theory, and mentions some of the secular scientists who now are questioning it or even calling for a new theory of evolution.
Meyer’s discussion of the complexities of life is most uplifting, and its message that we are not the product of randomness, fantastic chance, mutations and natural selection, but must have been designed by an incredible mind is, to the unbiased, exciting, stimulating and inspiring. It’s a little bit technical in parts, but well worth the read (4).

Image result for behe flagellum


Another hero of the Intelligent Design movement is Michael Behe. His work, “Darwin’s Black Box” rocked the Darwinian word by revealing the principal of “irreducible complexity”, the fact that some biological systems are useless without all component parts. He also revealed the jaw-dropping design of molecular machines, made of multiple component parts and clearly designed, present within living cells. Behe and his supporters have successfully answered critics who have attempted to tear down Behe’s challenge s to Darwinian evolution. Read his recent work, “A Mousetrap For Darwin” (5).

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Creationist Dr Randy Guliuzza has been working on adaptation, in opposition to the idea that natural selection drives macro-evolution. Adaptation is the natural out-working of inbuilt design and the ability to adapt to environment; the God-made survive-and-thrive mechanisms. Natural selection does not and cannot produce new information or new features (6). A finch is a finch, and bacteria remains bacteria.

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Several geologists have been spearheading the affirmation of the global Flood, as recorded in Genesis chapter 6. One of these, Dr John Baumgardner, while working at the National Laboratories at Los Alamos, designed a computer programme known as TERRA. He used the program to demonstrate the potential for catastrophic mantle overturn. Dr Baumgardner’s credentials and testimony are impressive by any standards (7).

Complete Fossilized Crinoids: Photo 19004163 © Anthony Aneese Totah Jr | Dreamstime.com

Dr. Andrew Snelling forcefully discusses the evidence for catastrophic plate movement during the Genesis Flood, and also the fossil evidence left behind by the Flood. Besides the fact that billions of dead things are buried all over the earth in water- laid sedimentary rock layers, Snelling draws attention to the huge fossil graveyards around the world, in which billions of mixed and unrelated creatures are found buried and fossilized together. As an aside, shark remains are found with dinosaur bones in North America. Animals do not get buried and fossilized over millions of years: they have to be buried quickly, in sediment. The earth is covered in sedimentary rock layers.

Dr. Snelling enthusiastically describes one particular rock layer seen exposed in the Grand Canyon, a 7 feet thick section of the Redwall Limestone, in which billions of nautiloids (a marine animal) were buried alive along with other marine creatures, in one surge of sediment, estimated to be travelling at 11 miles per hour, extending for well over 180 miles (8).

Also exposing evidence for the Genesis Flood, and forging a more detailed theory of the mechanics of the Flood, is Dr. Timothy Clarey. Clarey worked as a geologist in the oil industry for several years. He’s using his knowledge of megasequences, and the resultant rock record, to demonstrate the reality of and the progress of the Flood, as described in Genesis (9).

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Before Darwin and Lyell, the scientific consensus was that the earth was young, and not billions of years old. Creationist astronomers Dr Jason Lisle and Dr Danny Faulkner can help you understand the big problems with the big bang, and evidences for the creation of a young solar system (10)

Dr Brian Thomas has catalogued the numerous finds of “soft tissues” found within fossils and bones supposedly sixty-five million years old and more. These include collagen and blood vessels (11).

Physicist Dr Vernon Cupps discusses problems for the big bang, and demonstrates that old-earth dating methods are full of flaws and assumptions (12).


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