If God made the world, why is the universe so vast? Have you heard that question from a sceptic, or have you perhaps asked it yourself? To the agnostic and the atheist, it seems a ludicrous concept that any God would make the cosmos to be so mind-bendingly huge, and yet make only one little tiny planet with life on. To them, the earth in the midst of all that exists is totally insignificant: a tiny speck in an ocean of space.

Have you noticed this pattern among secularists? They want to diminish mankind, and call us “animals”, when in reality, mankind is God’s crown jewel in all of creation. To these people the words of Carl Sagan are gospel:

“The cosmos is all there is, or was, or ever will be.”

This must be the natural conclusion of those who have decided to ignore any consideration that there is a Creator. It seems so logical, doesn’t it, when you can’t experience this being called “God” with any of your five senses? And yet, from my perspective, these people are missing the wood for the trees. They are looking down the telescope from the wrong end. They are peering into space with what they so dearly claim as their guide-reason-suspended and switched off. A God who is infinite, who is infallible, who is omni-present and omnipotent, isn’t likely to be making a universe the size of the orbit of the moon, is He? Isn’t an infinite God likely to make something so big that we can’t see to the end of it, and we can’t?

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God is Spirit, but He has made a physical universe-that is, a universe with a limited number of spacial dimensions. This may indeed mean that the boundaries of our present cosmos are limited. But even if they are, it is far beyond any of our imagining. And if it is bounded now, it may not always be, or/ and it may just continue to expand endlessly. This isn’t just a matter of God’s ability and potential. He has made space to be an indicator to us of just how great, how powerful and how beautiful He is:

For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse (Romans 1:19-20).

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I was reading through Isaiah recently, and the following verse jumped out at me for the first time ever:

Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end, Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, To order it and establish it with judgment and justice From that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this (Isaiah 9:7 NKJV).

Testing my own senses against those of my far more level-headed son, I asked him what he thought could be the meaning of that phrase, “Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end”. His immediate answer was, “Space”.

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Here, on this limited planet, there is limited space. You can’t have an endless increase in a kingdom here. And remember that the kingdom of God is eternal. There’s only one way the increase of Christ’s government can never end, to my mind, no matter how you attempt to interpret it, and that’s in an ever-expanding universe. This present cosmos may be replaced, as certain passages of Scripture indicate, but there will be one in its place at least as great as this one. If you have a better explanation, let’s hear it, please.

Any secular mockery of this idea is nothing less than faulty logic, because when you consider what they believe-that there was once nothing at all, and nothing but a speck, a singularity, outside of which was nothing, not even space-but then the entire universe and life created itself-then the idea of an ever-expanding cosmos doesn’t seem so silly after all. And the idea that all of the physical universe came into existence from nothing serves to confirm the very first verse of the Bible, where we find time, space and matter all coming into being:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).


I’ve long thought that while the universe is so vast because our God is infinite and all-powerful, and wishes to display his power and nature, the universe is not just there to be looked at for all eternity from the tiny part of it that we know now. I’ve been convinced that our eternal dwelling will extend to the stars. And even though scientists describe the limits of our universe according to their theories, they cannot see them, but continue to see further and further seemingly without end. Limited or not, it’s big…unimaginably big! It’s so big that it would take a very long time indeed to explore and populate. Not only so, but an infinite God can supply an infinitely expanding universe, even if it does have boundaries now. And that, according to my hopeful, imaginative mind, is just a part of what God has in store for those who love him. We are at the beginning of God’s physical creation, which is inextricably linked to the greater spiritual reality. There is only one little planet of life, to date, because we earthlings are His pioneers.

This post is an expanded (!) version of a post of mine from 2019, titled THE FINAL (AND ENDLESS) FRONTIER.



  1. I think you have missed the point. First, your point seems to be that a vast universe without us is basically a display of power, that any god worth his salt could create the cosmos but still make us special. I believe I have that right, feel free to correct me.

    If that is your point, then you have missed the point of the argument on many levels. It isn’t just that it is a waste of resources.

    First, humans only discovered this vastness of space quite recently. This means that by your logic, god created a vast display of his power that not only could not be appreciated for the majority of human history, he actually had opportunities to set the record straight but instead did the opposite. He let humans think that there was a firmament with the stars affixed. If he wanted us to see his glory, he screwed up.

    Second, seemingly improbable things happen if you have enough examples. Winning the lottery is almost impossible, but yet somebody does win. Similarly, the “miracle” of life on earth would be much more miraculous if it was made on the first try, but instead we have billions of planet factories just in our galaxy, and there are billions of galaxies. That is a billion billion planet factories. Anything possible will eventually happen when you have a billion billion chances.

    So in a tale of two cosmos, one where your god exists, and one where there is no god, either is possible in a vast universe. Either god is just so great he created a huge cosmos with no problem, or there are billions of billions of chemistry labs where things can happen by themselves.

    Your point is logical, as is mine. The difference is evidence. There is no evidence for your god.


    1. Thanks for your comments, and thanks for commenting. No, in the Judeo- Christian worldview (the Biblical one) God made man at the same time as he made the stars and space. There was no waste of time or resources, and since God is God, He could waste whatever He wants-that’s up to Him. Secondly if man were not here, being a trinity,, He could create and enjoy his creation as a threesome, plus all the angelic beings, who also appreciate intensely what He has made. It doesn’t matter how many planets there might be, it isn’t evidence that there’s life on any of them. No, anything is not possible, unless you want to suspend the logic and reason you claim to be using. A curried poached egg will not turn into a dog-shaped planet made of chocolate. No-one has observed life forming from non-life and no-one has observed other vital things like the appearance of the first cell able to photosynthesise. There is no fossil evidence of either. The evidence for God is all around. You have never seen anything evolve, have you? The only other option is creation. And bacteria adapting is not dirt-to-man evolution, because it remains bacteria. The evidence is strong that one day, our Creator will call us all to account, and saying, oh, sorry, I didn’t see you so I didn’t think you were there, isn’t going to cut it.

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      1. Thanks for your reply. I think you need to talk to people that understand evolution and abiogenesis. We have actually seen species evolve, and we have actually seen non-life turn into RNA. It’s very exciting stuff.


      2. I know enough to know that isn’t true, in the sense of macro evolution. We can always breed more dog species or cats, because of in built genetic variation potential, but there is no evidence of one animal evolving into another, and you have not seen it happen. No, nobody has seen non life evolving into life. You must have been reading Omni too much. Sorry, I don’t fall in line with the holier than thou and cleverer than thou attitude of evolutionists. Thanks for trying though. It’s good to know someone is trying to think out there.


      3. There is no difference between “micro” and “macro” evolution. There is just evolution, and time. Again, I would suggest talking to someone. The evidence is actually staggering.


      4. Thanks. I went to secular school and college. I watch secular science documentaries. I listen to secular science podcasts, in fact I’ve used quotes some of them on my blog quite regularly. I know what i need to know. More importantly, my hope is in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. Why would i want to put my hope in death and extinction? No thanks, and neither should you.

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