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If God made the world, why is the universe so vast? Have you heard that question from a sceptic, or have you perhaps asked it yourself? To the agnostic and the atheist, it seems a ludicrous concept that any God would make the cosmos to be so mind-bendingly huge, and yet make only one little … Continue reading CHRIST’S EVER-EXPANDING COSMOS


Why am I a Christian? How did it come to be? In answer, an entire book could be written, which would have quite a few racy, dramatic, well-thumbed scenes. However, it's likely that no-one, or almost no-one, would read it in todays racy, well-thumbed, sound-bite world, so instead here's a brief, somewhat clinical summary. (Not … Continue reading MY FAITH, MY TESTIMONY


Billions of years ago the chloroplast evolved and enabled life on earth. Do you believe that? If you do, you have something called "faith", because there is no evidence whatsoever that it evolved (note 1). Billions of years ago the first self-replicating living cell formed from non-life. Do you believe that? If you do, you … Continue reading FAITH IN EVOLUTION