I’ve discovered that far too many professing Christians have their faith firmly planted in the wrong thing. Perhaps we all do that at times.

Some have their faith invested in the church, or in the minister of the church, or in a movement within the Church. Some have their faith in so-called miracles, or in a feeling, or in what they perceive to be the work of the Holy Spirit. Some have their faith in a pre-tribulation rapture. Some have faith in unbelief: the idea that Scripture is wrong and we can build our own idea of who or what God has to say.

Try to move these people into a slightly different light, or question their perceptions or their experiences, and you may as well insult their mother, their father, and their mothers and fathers, because you’ve touched their heart-what their hope and faith and joy is in. Touch their Hope and you are touching the apple of their eye.

Let’s get a grip on where our faith and hope is supposed to be: the Son of God Jesus Christ: on his finished work on the cross, and on his resurrection and our own with Him. Anything else is thin ice, miry clay, a slippery slope, a deception, a distraction, a burden, a faulty road-map.


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