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How do we keep faith for a lifetime? Does it involve screwing up our eyes, gritting our teeth, and suspending reason? I'm not writing on this subject as a claim to great faith. I am no man of faith in the sense of doing great works or of being notably godly or holy, because I … Continue reading KEEPING THE FAITH


What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Is it socialism? Is it just one of many ways to God? Is it an invention of white American men? I've posted this message before...and I'll post it again... The Greek word translated “gospel” in the New Testament means “good news”, and in the context of the Bible … Continue reading WHAT IS THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST?


Why am I a Christian? How did it come to be? In answer, an entire book could be written, which would have quite a few racy, dramatic, well-thumbed scenes. However, it's likely that no-one, or almost no-one, would read it in todays racy, well-thumbed, sound-bite world, so instead here's a brief, somewhat clinical summary. (Not … Continue reading MY FAITH, MY TESTIMONY

Sanity In An Insane World

Does it ever seem to you that the world has gone crazy? Here's the antidote to insanity... I spent the first part of my life trying to escape reality in many ways, most notably and notoriously through alcohol and drugs. To me the world was an ugly, lonely, dark and boring place, and every opportunity … Continue reading Sanity In An Insane World


In this world of struggles and disappointments and hardships and loss it’s refreshing to be reminded that there’s something worth celebrating every day of our lives, and that's the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Greek word translated “gospel” in the New Testament means “good news”, and in the context of the Bible the gospel is the “good news” … Continue reading THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST