Paradox, or Contradiction?

The cooler temperatures we’re experiencing are a sign that the earth is warming. Alligators ruled the earth when earth was much warmer than it is now, and ice ages ravaged the northern latitudes, but the earth has always been at an even temperature until now. All the rivers and lakes have dried up and the fish are dead. If we would just stop eating meat and pay more taxes, rain would fall on the Californian desert again.

The most patriotic man to be elected president of the United States was a Russian agent. White people are so racist that we have a white president and white people in government to sort the problem out. America is inherently racist and hateful of others which is why millions of people are trying to get here from other countries. Abortion is not killing unless the mother doesn’t want her offspring killed. Employees of the social media giant which says they don’t censor people are angry because they can’t censor people anymore. Crime is increasing, so we need fewer powers for the police and less personal protection and less rights to defend ourselves.

Nothing expanded into everything, including us. Life wasn’t designed but we can design artificial life. Humans created information in computers but the information in every cell of our bodies arose by itself. The proven story of human evolution has to be re-written by the latest find. There are many ways to God and to Truth: you can make up your own. Truth is so important that you should keep it to yourself. Men can be women and women can be men. There’s no such thing as gender at birth, but only what we wrongfully assign to the infant.

Do these things make sense, to you? The media and our politicians and education establishment wonder why they aren’t trusted. What they really mean is that they’re angry that they can’t fool all the people all the time. If they didn’t see the rest of us as ignorant, gullible rabble, they might know why they aren’t trusted.

If you can’t see the significance and the consequence of the above contradictions, you should pray that your eyes will be opened to what’s going on in our world all around us. If you’re looking for truth, substance and meaning, look into the Word of God, where Jesus makes this bold claim, “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6).


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