Should Christians be involved in politics? This isn’t a lengthy Bible study on the question, just a brief outburst of my thoughts…

Photo by Brian Wertheim on Unsplash

Our world is being run by evil, wicked, foolish people-East and West. Should we stand back and say “Go ahead, destroy our economy; take my hard earned money and spend it on frivolous, evil things; stop us being productive; turn boys into girls; take the lives of the unborn; start World War Three”?

As a new believer I thought that the end times were upon us then, forty two years ago, and I thought we should stay out of politics. Let’s just trust the Lord, I thought, because His will must be fulfilled, and He will take care of me. I was half right, and half wrong.

The Lord does reign supreme in the affairs of men and women. But we have a huge stake in that, and we have a huge responsibility and obligation. If I were to lay in bed all day and think to myself, “God is faithful: He will supply all my needs, because that’s what His word says”, I would quickly go hungry. The bills would go unpaid. My wife and I would be evicted from our home, and we would be out on the street. I would have no money to help others in need, and God would not be honored.

The walk of faith is one of teamwork. We must do our part, and God will do His part. If I fail to do my part, I and others will suffer, and He will not hold me unaccountable for that. So it is in the world of politics. If we do nothing to keep our communities and our nations on track, we are in effect handing the world over to the wicked, or we are being so foolish as to think that human nature is basically good and everything will work out fine: good luck with that, because you will need plenty of it.

I have no respect for the pastor that tells his flock they should not be involved in politics and should not comment. Pray for our leaders, yes. Pray that they will repent of their wickedness, their greed, their foolish stupid decisions and their lies. Or pray that they will be replaced by someone who has a back-bone, some integrity, some common sense, and a heart for the people he claims to be serving.

Better yet-work to get someone in that position who may do a better job. That’s politics.


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