America’s last days?

Donald Trump has announced that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday. The charge? Who knows: whatever the crooks in Washington have cooked up, like a coven of witches brooding over a bubbling pot.

They tried stopping him from being elected in the first place. Then, when their lies failed, they tried the Russiagate scam. Later, impeachment was attempted over a phone call with a Ukranian leader, which attempt failed because the transcript of the call showed that Trump’s intentions were entirely legal. Finally, they stirred the couldron with a heavy dose of January 6th, desparate to paint him and his followers as violent extremists. If all of his millions of followers, or even just those many thousands who were peacefully protesting in DC that day had really been violent extremists, there would have been a bloodbath, the likes of which have never been seen.

But it was all lies: the violence was nothing like being on the scale that was portrayed, and Trump did not try to incite any. The videos shown by Tucker Carlson from inside the capitol building taken that day show protesters peacefully strolling around with smiling capitol police, including the one locked up for four years as a ringleader. Yes, some did break in, and certainly were out of control, but stories of police being murdered that day have also been falsified. Where is the inquiry into alleged FBI plants who were really the inciters?

Nazis of origin, in Hitler’s Germany, were Socialists-like the Democrats are, not conservatives. And not one of the many Trump supporters I have met, including myself, are racists, and neither is Trump. All the accusations were lies, invented by the swamp in Washington which he had promised to drain, and happily promoted by those in the media who were paid to carry the falsehoods. The swamp was and is a lot deeper and more disgusting than even he had aniticipated, and it is determined to protect its power.

Why is the American taxpayer forking out tens of billions to ramp up the vast numbers of people being killed in the Russia-Ukraine war? Why isn’t there a process to stop it and bring an end to the insanity? Russia wants a buffer zone around its nation-not NATO missiles pointing at it from its own border. Why are so many in government talking as if they want a third world war? Is at anything to do with past shady financial dealings, or with the money that can be made from the military-industrial complex? Whose sons will be going to war? Will Biden’s crooked son Hunter go? Not likely. Whatever happened to the Democrats’ claimed love for peace?

People such as Elon Musk have said that if Trump is arrested, the Democrats and RINOs, and their media spokesmen, will be ensuring his re-election in 2024. I don’t know about that, and I don’t know if he will be arrested: the swamp certainly wants that to happen. All I know is that this government, and the establishment that runs it, is as corrupt as any on earth. They have dragged the nation down to the gutter. The Chinese communists need feel no shame, and neither should any banana republic: the Americans have out-done their corruption and their sleesy, trashy tactics.

In America, the bountiful and free land, legions of people are wandering the streets homeless. The slaughter of babies is defended as a “right”; children are having their genitals removed; inflation is making it harder for many to live, and fuel is being outlawed for an unproven theory that the earth is being destroyed by cows and by humans being warm. Millions are being herded by propaganda and by a ridiculous notion that life and matter created itself, and politicians love their own pet philosphies and their love for financial gain.

Finally, how can America avoid judgment if we continue on this path? The immorality, the corruption, the infanticide, the upturning of familial ties and of natural gender, and the trashing of truth, are all attacks on the safety and peace of the entire nation, and so the entire world.


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