Say it while you can…

Whatever it is, if you're not on the left of the political spectrum, say it or share it while you still can. Devin Nunes, one of many talking about big-tech's part in shutting down the speech of anyone they disagree with: "They are taking down our ability to communicate"* Speak up, and pray that they … Continue reading Say it while you can…



Acknowledging that there is a real virus out there...one of many... my own expectation is that fear of Covid-19 will continue to be pumped up to fever pitch until after the election in November. After that, look for considerable deflation, courtesy of a totally biased news media, were the Democratic party to succeed, and alternative … Continue reading ELECTION FEVER


I'm toggling between being so disgusted with the attitudes of people that I want to give up caring what happens to the nation... and being determined to not be one of those who stick their heads in the sand and let the godless rabble take over the country and trash it. In the blue corner … Continue reading GIVING FREEDOM AWAY


I've become more and more aware in recent years of what my one-time friends, my family (who I still love), and my countrymen think of what has happened to me since I left the UK and settled in the United States, and also what has happened to the U.S. So to those who might occasionally … Continue reading A LETTER FROM AMERICA