The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory is Faulty!

Hello and welcome, truth-seekers.

I was a believer in the pre-tribulation rapture for twenty-eight years, but not any more. I see now that many teachers and ministers in the evangelical Church have become entrenched in faulty thinking and faulty interpretation on this subject, fueled by an understandable desire to be where Jesus is rather than suffer persecution and trouble, and they’re failing to prepare their flocks for what may come upon us all.

I here list various related issues I’ve covered on the subject, with a brief description. You can paste any of them into the search box above. Additionally, you can get my book on the rapture, in paperback or digital form (link at the bottom). I also have a video series on YouTube, under the channel name Rapture Renegade. These videos, made while I was recovering from a bad dose of Covid, and so being a little rough and ready in their presentation, are in greater depth and more up to date than the articles below or even the book. Here’s a link to the channel:


Rapture 1: Not Appointed To Wrath? This article shows that the often-quoted phrase, “We are not appointed to wrath”, taken from Scripture, does not speak of a pre-tribulation rapture at all.

Rapture 2: When Will the Wrath of God Fall Anyway? If it’s wrath which indicates the timing of the rapture, when will that wrath fall? Some see a seven year period of wrath, but this isn’t Biblical.

Rapture 3: Saints of Wrath? If there really were a seven year period of Wrath to come, which a pre-tribulation rapture is to deliver us from, then the millions of believers on the earth during the tribulation would be under the wrath of God. This not Biblical.

Rapture 4: Is Jesus a Thief? Pre-tribulation theology is faulty on the subject of a secret coming of Jesus.

Rapture 5: Did Paul Say the Church Will Be Taken Into Heaven With the Holy Spirit Before the Tribulation? The assertion that she will is assumption at best.

Rapture 6: Imminence. Imminence certainly is Biblical, but it doesn’t mean what pre-tribulation teachers say it does.

Rapture 7: Faulty Imminence (Continued).

Rapture 8: John’s Testimony. It’s said that the Church is not mentioned in Revelation after chapter three, indicating a pre-tribulation rapture: the truth is otherwise.

Rapture 9: John’s Testimony Continued.

Rapture 10: The Blood of the Saints discusses the identity of the saints of Revelation.

Rapture 11: The Twenty-Four Elders examines those we read of in Revelation chapter four, along with the multitude around them.

Rapture 12: Two More Multitudes considers the identity of two gathered multitudes we observe in Revelation.

Rapture 13: The Real End of the Church Age critiques the entrenched but weak idea the that Church Age will end before the tribulation.

Rapture 14: The Elect addresses the faulty insistence that the elect who Jesus said would be on earth during the tribulation are not the Church.

Rapture 15(a) The Bride focuses on the claim that Jewish betrothal rites along with certain statements of Jesus prove a pre-tribulation rapture: they do not.

Rapture 15(b) Supper Time discusses the claimed timing of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I show that it cannot be during the Tribulation after all.

In Rapture 16: What Paul Didn’t Say, I outline Paul’s omission of statements we should expect if there were to be an early rapture.

In Rapture 17: Paul’s Clear Statement! I show that Paul’s words demonstrate a late-tribulation rapture, not a pre-tribulation rapture.

Rapture 18: The Blessed Hope and the Glorious Appearing demonstrates that these terms, used by Paul in his epistles, are not referring specifically to a pre-tribulation rapture, but to the appearing of Jesus Christ.

In Rapture 19: Who Are the Holy Ones Who Return With Christ? I show that the Holy Ones coming to judge the earth at the end of the Tribulation are NOT the Church.

Rapture 20: How To Be Ready. This episode speaks of true readiness, rather than the idea of readiness being for the rapture only.

Rapture 21: Will Jesus Keep us From the Hour of Trial? This episode disagrees with the claim that a phrase of Jesus taken from Revelation refers to an early rapture.

Rapture 22: The First Resurrection. How many resurrections are there? Pre-tribulation teachers have to divide the first resurrection into “stages” to try to prove their theory.

Rapture 23: Resurrection and Paul’s Order of Events. The succession of events concerning the return of Christ as outlined by Paul is overlooked by today’s teachers of pre-tribulation rapture.

Rapture 24: Which Last Trumpet is the Last Last Trumpet? When Jesus spoke of the last trumpet at the end of the tribulation in his Olivet Discourse, was he really speaking of a different last trumpet to the one Paul said would accompany the rapture? I demonstrate that he was not.

Rapture 25: Fall Away From What? No, Paul was not supporting a pre-tribulation rapture when he wrote to the Thessalonians about a “falling away”.

Does Jesus’ “Gates of Hell” Quote Prove a Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Rapture 26). When Jesus said that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, was he indicating a pre-tribulation rapture? I show that this idea is faulty interpretation.

Rapture 27: More Clues From the Parables. This article reveals some pointers from Jesus’ parables as to when the rapture may really occur.

Rapture 28: Noah and the Flood. The Flood was not a type foretelling a pre-tribulation rapture, as is claimed.

Rapture 29: Lot, Enoch and Daniel. Teachers of the pre-tribulation rapture glean their claimed evidence from every corner of the Bible these days. Here are three examples which I dismantle.

Rapture 30: One Taken, the Other Left. Did these words taken from Jesus’ Olivet Discourse refer to a pre-tribulation rapture? I show that they do not.

Rapture 31: Preparing to Stick Around looks at what our attitude and approach to life should be in the light of the possibility of living through tribulation events.

Find my book on the subject of the rapture here:



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