MAY 2012 to JULY 2013 158

(this post is a continuation of the previous one, titled “Throwing paint for the glory of God”)


Dear God, why did you have to make

A thing to look like that?

It seems as though you took some paint

And threw it with a splat

Why did you form the toad, the worm,

They aren’t the least bit pretty

You should have made them all look like

A cuddly little kitty

MAY 2012 to JULY 2013 089

The North Pole was a huge mistake

Why can’t you get it right?

You really ought to know that

There is more to life than white

I’ll bet that when you stretched the sky

You mocked us with your jape

Just miles of empty, boring space

And clouds all nothing-shape

Why make the mountains quite so high

When they are only girt

With plain old white stuff on the top-

And under, rocks and dirt?

MAY 2012 to JULY 2013 049

And what on earth can be the good

Of forest, and the jungle?

It’s clear to me you dumped the leaves

And wood into a jumble

The desert is a pointless thing

It’s hot and such a bore

Just looking at its emptiness

Is nothing but a chore

What were you thinking when you made

That vast expanse of sea?

Just why it’s all so wet and blue is

Leagues away from me

MAY 2012 to JULY 2013 043

No noises you created can

Express a song or hymn

Your birds all twitter out of tune

And water makes a din

So all in all dear God I think

I’ll grade you (and please muse it)

By giving “C” for Tech, but only

“F” for Art and Music

© Nick Fisher, October 18th 2013, including poem and pictures.


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