Political correctness has almost succeeded in getting a stranglehold on free speech and free religious expression in the United States in recent years…

Mr. Trump has become a leader in the battle to throw off its shackles, and announced unashamedly in his recent speech in Ohio that “We will be saying Merry Christmas again”. That’s one of the best things I’ve heard in years, and I’m convinced that millions felt the same way when they heard it, because it represents-finally-some opposition to the rot, and the stifling, weakening affect of political correctness.

I see that some on the other side, determined to paint Trump as a modern day Hitler (though they, as socialists, miss the fact that Hitler was the leader of the German Socialist party) are claiming Trump is going to “force” everyone to say “Merry Christmas”. How arrogant, deceptive and divisive can people get?

No-one will be “forced” to say the dreaded seasonal greeting, but instead, some who’ve been afraid to say it will now be encouraged. Government ministers will no longer be castigated for saying those words. The reasoning behind banning them or refraining from using them in many public and work-place settings is that they are “offensive”. Well suppose I find “Happy Holidays” offensive?

The message of the birth of Jesus Christ is the best news the world has ever had. So Merry Christmas, to anyone who wants one.


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