As I washed more eggs off the back of my vehicle, one of which almost scored a direct hit on the “Make America Great Again” sticker, I mused the motive of the deliverer of those ovulatory projectiles. Was it tolerance? Was it peace? Was it brotherly love and inclusion? Hmm…


Just for the record, the vehicle is twenty-one years old and would cost more to sell than I could get for it. Perhaps I should just scramble it.

There’s some serious hatred of Trump in the US and distrust in some parts of the world. What has he actually done to deserve that? My contention is that he hasn’t done anything: the hatred is the result of a giant smear campaign, funded by wealthy socialists and globalists…

Theresa May lost her desired majority in the UK election. She also lost her opportunity to be a real man (er… woman) and to speak for millions of people who don’t want “fundamental change”: perhaps that’s why she didn’t get that majority. She’s one of the many millions who’ve been silenced by political correctness, who are afraid to say “boo” to a goose (or a chicken) lest-horror of horrors-they be labeled “hatemongers”, “bigots” and “racists”, and their vehicles be pelted with eggs by tolerant, loving, sophisticated world-citizens.

I know something about the Brits, having been one for almost all my life. Traditionally they’re tolerant and polite even when inside they don’t really like someone. And it’s that tolerance and politeness which stands to land them in a whole heap of trouble, rather like Chamberlain’s tolerance and politeness did in the forties. Brits are just so nice that they can’t even imagine that anyone would want to wage something like civilizational jihad against them. If they did know, and as long as those waging civilizational jihad against them did it politely, they really wouldn’t mind. In fact they would help…which is exactly what they are doing. It’s a case of the proverbial frog in the pot slowly coming to a boil without realizing it. Perhaps he’ll make frog tea…


As I’ve said, I agree that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving and honorable people who just want to get on with their lives like the rest of us. And that’s why Brits are content to accept them into their midst-by the millions. The problem is that a small minority of them take their ideology very seriously, as their founder did and as the Turks who almost succeeded in invading Western Europe did.  And I know from decades of interest in world affairs that in every single Islamic country of the world now there are extremists pushing the nominal on to greater commitment. They push by means of violence if necessary. Even in the more extremely dedicated Islamic nations the majority are forced continually to become more dedicated. The problem is not just a case of ISIS having a temper-tantrum outside their own confines.

Trump has dared to stick his neck out on this issue. But he’s absolutely not “anti-Muslim” as his enemies have attempted to convince us: his recent visit to Saudi Arabia and the Arab League was a roaring success, despite how the anti-Trump media tried to portray it.

However, like it or not, with the millions of law-abiding immigrants come more extremists and their ideology. And what do our other  world “leaders” in the West care? I’ll tell you what: they want us to “get used to it”. And why are those who hold the reigns of power, who have the potential to steer us into a reasonably safe future, choose instead to make platitudinous statements about us all pulling together and not changing our ways, while doing nothing but coming to clean up the mess when there’s a terrorist attack?


It’s because many of them now want us all to be “citizens of the world” rather than having our own national identity. Nationalism breeds war, they think, and preserves that awful Christian morality nonsense. They agree with Lennon’s line that if we could just do away with borders, all the people of the world will be kissing each other and blissfully saying goodbye to religion (except Islam, the religion of choice for socialists) forever.

Israel is one of the obstacles to a world-wide utopia, because Israelis persist in being Jewish and in living in their ancient capital. Trump supports the Jewish state, making him a giant obstacle to globalist ideals.

The push for globalism among the elites is gathering momentum and power. President Obama virtually wiped out US borders because of his views on this, and the Democrats were and still are fully behind him. So were their media people-those now doing everything in their power to remove Trump from office, no matter what it takes, and no matter how much they have to lie to do it. I say “elites” intentionally, because a large number of people, especially in the UK, have fallen for the belief that all the rich powerful people are nationalists and “extreme-right-wingers”. All Trump supporters are racist, rich and ignorant, they’ve been told, while all those kind, tolerant, inclusive socialists and liberals are just poor lowly types trying to scrape together a few pennies to help their fellow man get by.


No, it’s the big boys at the top who have all the money and all the power who are driving us on to a one-world, Babylon-esque society, mashing together differing cultures, inventing  man-made climate-change and the ludicrous notion that we can change the climate back by giving them more money, and calling anyone who dares to oppose them “hateful bigots”.


I say “other source”, but really the two are inextricably linked. Western globalists think that once they get everyone in the same boat we’ll all have the same views on morality: liberal views. I think they’ll find out that the Muslims have different plans.

There’s also an undeniable spiritual thread to the whole situation: more on that another time.

It was known early on in Trump’s campaign that he leaned towards Christian belief, and that he largely held to Christian morality in his proposed policies, as did a large number of his followers. He made it clear that he would oppose unnecessary abortion and Obama’s requirements that the rest of us pay for them (he has and is-see note 3) and that he would reverse President Obama’s rulings on transgender bathrooms: he has. Obama issued a decree stating that all public schools must allow kids to use whichever bathroom they wanted to use on any given day, according to which gender they felt like being (note 1). Where’s the respect for women, who overwhelmingly want privacy, in that? Trump reversed the ruling (thank you President Trump). President Obama did all he could to push for gay rights and gay marriage. He ordered the military to take part in gay pride celebrations (note 2).

Trump is an altogether different animal, as is his vice-president. It’s this stand on morality and his respect for established laws and the constitution which brought the full force of the news media, Hollywood, the Democratic Party and all their ultra-rich donors against him and his followers. We Trump supporters are “ignorant” because we don’t see the world their way, and because we didn’t go along with Obama’s and Hillary’s “fundamental change”, but they’re oh so sophisticated and intelligent! Sophisticated people want the rest of us to pay for babies to be aborted.

No, Trump didn’t introduce polarity to America, it was already here. It was here because far more people opposed Obama and Hillary’s “fundamental change” than the elites and their followers had hoped. Trump’s enemies were sure that their propaganda in universities and on TV had done its work.

It’s my opinion that if Obama had just held back on his pronouncements on transgender bathrooms, and if he had not tried so hard to eradicate the “radical Islamic terrorist” label, just enough people would have voted for Hillary to continue that fundamental change: I’m glad he didn’t.

Scrambled eggs, anyone?










  1. Two half-truths don’t make a whole truth, they just make two more lies.

    If you watch something other than Fox news you’ll discover that U.S. immigration already vets people for over a year before they’re allowed into our country.

    And if you watched Fareed Zakaria you’d know that Saudi Arabia (you know, where Trump was doing the saber dance) is where most of the 9/11 terrorists were brought up.

    And in America, no one can “order” you to celebrate anything you don’t want to celebrate, including the 4th of July.

    Health Insurance doesn’t force you to pay for anybody’s abortion. All you are paying for is insurance to cover your risk of becoming ill and facing unexpected medical costs. All the money goes into the pool, and only the woman who chooses to have an abortion is actually spending any of that money on abortion. You are not.

    As to gender specific bathrooms, if you dress as a boy and look like a boy, then I’d prefer you use the boy’s room. Forcing such a boy to use the girls room would create a major disturbance!

    People don’t like Trump because he is a lying bully. And lying bully’s are usually disliked. Spreading lies and rumors, like the lie that Obama wasn’t born in the USA, has convinced a lot of people who still hold that belief today.

    But there are a lot of people on the far right spreading lies and rumors. Which makes it implausible to me that any real Christians can in good conscience support him. Someplace in the Bible it says that “the Devil is a liar and the father of all lies”.


    1. Thanks Marvin. It’s nice to know that there’s someone at least thinking out there.
      Believe it or not, I was a socialist-a Labour Party voter- in the old, dark days-the days when the BBC and other “news” outlets fed me false narratives-then I saw the light.
      I like what he’s doing, and he’s doing what he said he would do. That’s the opposite of lying, and the opposite of the business as usual politician. The one exception is that he isn’t prosecuting Hillary, in contrast to the hate-filled media and politicians who are trying to pin anything on him that they can: when one attack fails they try something else.
      I don’t like to be told by politicians and “news” people that I’m bigoted and racist and xenophobic and misogynistic when I know I’m not, and I don’t like to be called “ignorant”. Yes, your tax dollars are paying for abortion and Obama took Catholic nuns all the way to the Supreme Court to attempt to make them pay for abortions also.
      If everyone disliked Trump as you seem to believe, he would not have won the electoral majority. The definition of a “bully” these days seems to be anyone who holds to convictions contrary to the politically correct ones and has the nerve to keep them.
      The Father of lies doesn’t work through one man-and Trump is going it alone. And how can you support a party and a news media which promotes not only what God calls an “abomination”, but also the murder of a million unborn children every year?


      1. The most reasonable assumption as to why Hillary is not locked up is that she didn’t do anything to deserve being locked up. And that suggests yet another bullying lie from Trump when he urged the crowd to chant “Lock her up!”, suggesting that she did something criminal, when the evidence said she did not.

        The problem with a lot of news media is that they profit from salacious stories (hang on while I look that up to check…oh, well, close enough) to keep us glued to the set. They often skirt the truth or take the most outrageous interpretation of events to sell advertising. Until recently, they were self-checking, and people like, what’s his name, resigned after going too far out on the limb without confirming their sources.

        Back when Obamacare was being banged out, there was a lot of concern about tax dollars funding abortion, and I’m pretty sure there is a law in place that prevents that, yes, it’s called the Hyde amendment (thanks Wikipedia). It originally limiting Medicaid abortions to cases of rape or incest. I’m pretty sure the same restriction applies to Obamacare.

        Except for the “morning after” pill, the Catholic objection to contraception in general has been a separate issue for Catholics. When we consider the bad effects of human overpopulation, like global warming, destruction of other species, starvation, wars, it seems to me that a religiously held belief that contraception should be prohibited is basically an IMMORAL position.

        And placing such restrictions on health insurance, where you impose your religious beliefs upon others, should not be allowed. Otherwise the Jehovah’s Witnesses could object to coverage of blood transfusions, and Mormons would object to funding hospitals where coffee and tea are served (drinking coffee is an Honor Code offense at Brigham Young University, I kid you not).

        There’s nothing honorable about keeping a promise to do something that you later learn is wrong. What Trump should do is to have the humility and wisdom to admit he was wrong. He should not have pulled out of the Paris Climate accords. He should not have promised to bring back coal jobs, especially when the facts indicate that those jobs are being replaced several times over by new jobs in sustainable clean energy, like solar and wind.

        And he should not be listening to new rumors on Fox news, like when one of their interviews was with a guy suggesting Obama may have tapped his campaign. The truth is that Obama had no ability to do that. I believe the truth is that Russia’s ambassador Syslyak was being tapped and when Trump’s people, like Lynch, were having phone contacts with Syslyak, their conversations showed up.

        When Trump calls for a Muslim ban, he plays to the fears of the people, not to their better nature, and certainly not to their better character as Americans. Hitler did this with the German people’s fear of Jews, whipping up the hate to the level of violence.

        Trump ain’t no Solomon. He’s more concerned with his own image than with anyone else’s welfare, which is why he kept bringing up the number of people at his inauguration at inappropriate settings and why he knee-jerk tweets at 3AM over the slightest provocation.


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