I just couldn’t resist commenting on this, before the right to comment is removed completely…

Only half of the population of the United States is at all aware of the scope of claims of election fraud being put forward by Trump’s legal team. This is because it is being kept from them by the media which, rather than presenting news, has become the agent of propaganda on behalf of Leftist politics. What was once a mark of the Soviet Union and other communist entities, that is, selective reporting, slanted stories and silenced opposition, is now a mark of Western journalism and social media giants. In Europe any opposition to the politically-correct view is dismissively labelled “extreme right-wing” or “racist”, effectively dispensing with the need to actually engage in honest discussion, debate or discourse, and the majority of people, who just want to get on with their lives, and are not able to think deeply for themselves, unquestioningly agree and go along, like a compliant flock.

The “free” world is about to say goodbye to its freedom, if these people prevail. And unfortunately, they are close to doing so. We will soon see if their work is successful.

In recent years, corruption at the very highest level has gone unpunished, courtesy in part of our so-called “news” media. And some on the right are making the mistake of interpreting this merely as “bias”. Far more than that, it has to be an agenda: part of an over-all plan to re-make the world. The elites, who see themselves alone as worthy of power, are globalists who see the need to weaken the United States in order to achieve their ends.

Make no mistake, that a necessary part of weakening America and promoting globalism is the silencing of the Church. This is being aided in part by some church leaders who for one reason or another don’t want to speak out in defence of freedom, the unborn, patriotism, morality, and the like. Some, thankfully, do.

The Church-the salt and light of the world-has to be silenced. Socialists and communists are for the most part anti-Christ, and once they feel free to really speak out, their target will be the Church and Christians. Never mind that a certain other religion denigrates women and freedom in general: that’s alright with these people. The target of their hatred is the Christian gospel and those who actually believe it.

Well, not by coincidence, the account of future events as recorded in the Bible and particularly Revelation warns of just this eventuality. The Church will be the villain; the enemy of world government “unity”. But how can we unify behind a party which believes in abortion up to and past birth for any reason? How can we unify with those who hate our roots and who hate family and who want to open the borders, dragging down our economy and our culture? How can we unify with people who want to spend our hard-earned tax dollars to pay not only for unnecessary abortions but for unnecessary sex-changes? How can we unify with people who spent literally years attempting to set up our president as a Russian agent? How can we unify with people who are more than eager to shut down our churches and stop us worshipping our God? We cannot.

Is it any wonder, then that God, in His eternal word, says:

Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues (Revelation 18:4 NIV).


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