Sometimes it just seems like the bad news is never going to stop, doesn’t it? But then the good news more than makes up for it all…

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Last night, while we slept, someone decided to requisition our family’s front-lawn Christmas light projector for their own uses. The lights looked so beautiful on the front of our house. I’m trying to forgive the perpetrator, and hope that he/she had a far greater need for it than we. All the same, that feeling of loss and having been ripped off hurts, even over something quite insignificant.

On a far greater scale this year, I’m irritated over the loss of our freedom to breathe good clean air without straining it through a piece of cloth, and our freedom to see someone’s mouth as they wish you a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday. More seriously, this mask-wearing mandate gives those who are power-mad the mandate to similarly direct the entire nation and then the world to comply with whatever they see fit, rather than allowing us to live life as it should be lived. We choose to do what is right, just as God intended. In that way, we do it out of a good heart, and when no-one is looking: there is no need for law. Traditionally we protect ourselves and others by free will and concern for others. But when the government forces us to do what they decide is right for us to do, we are being sneered at by those who are actually our employees, and many of us are being put out of business and losing our livelihoods. This is stolen freedom.

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Even more pernicious is the further degradation of our dignity and our culture. We are being dumbed down in everything except the ability to use electronic devices. Music? What passes for music now is cliched, poorly written, and presented with sex rather than actual talent and giftedness. People are coming out of university knowing all the anti-American propaganda and lies, but not knowing how to spell a few words or how to put together a coherent, logical argument. Our right to know is being filtered and distorted by those in media who think they are our betters. Our right to choose what we like and to reject what may be offensive is being taken away. As one small example, while movies are increasingly violent and immoral, and the four-letter words fly…ALL of which is offensive to me and millions of others…our cartoon characters lose their character. Poor old Elmer Fudd had his gun taken away, even though he never ever succeeded in shooting Bugs! Elmer missed every time, or only succeeded in making a blackened face. What made Elmer-and Bugs- funny has been stolen away. True comedy is being replaced by ridicule, sarcasm, hate, and pathetic attempts at humour.

The fourth theft is of our presidential election. The election fraud this time around has been huge, as attested to by hundreds of sworn witnesses and clear mathematical demonstrations of the results (1). And worse than that, media, states and judges have stone-walled attempts to expose the truth. Seventy-five plus million people have been disenfranchised by cold, unashamed hatred and deception.

All of this should be of no surprise to the Bible-believer. The world we live in is sold out to the master of lies and deception. And as our society and especially our governing masters give themselves over entirely to falsehood, so will go the rest of the nation, taking their lead and example from government and media.

But thankfully there is a remedy. Christmas is the time when we can remind ourselves of the free gift given to our world by our Father God. That is, His son Jesus Christ. The gift is there for every one of us to accept or reject, freely, and it can never be taken away:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16 NKJV).

NOTE 1: THE IMMACULATE DECEPTION Navarro Report | Electoral Fraud | Postal Voting (


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