I’m sorry people, but the social media site beginning with “t” just flew away at my request. Likewise, the other one beginning with “f” will not be allowed here. My shopping will not longer be done at that all-encompassing site beginning with “a” unless absolutely necessary. Traitors they are to our nation, and enemies of free speech. Consider the irony of this image…

See the source image

I would love to share through Parler, but Parler recently met an untimely digital death at the hands of the Big Brothers of our brave new digital world. I’m aware that I’m engaging in censorship of my own, but enemies of free speech need to be dealt with. I know I’m only one very small voice, but I have principles, unlike some billionaires I could mention. Money isn’t good for you…

If one sad day you find me removed or blocked from this platform because of my views, you could try searching for me elsewhere. I will include Nickyfisher in my list of tags or categories or search terms.

Meantime, freedom of speech most definitely is welcome here. But if you intend to be offensive, I may reply curtly and then ignore you. I will not delete your message or your voice, as others have done.


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