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Thank you to my loyal readers who keep coming back and wondering where I’ve been: I’m planning on being back regularly from now on…

Two things have been on my mind lately above others. One is our current political and social climate, and the other is the widespread belittlement of God even among professing believers. These two things are inextricably linked. The loss of reverence for our Creator in society as a whole but also in the Church, was bound to result in lawlessness and degradation. The worst aspect to this is that many professing Christians have succumbed to it-often without realizing it themselves. Our testimony and witness to the world is compromised by our own lack of belief, dedication, and fear of God.

The half-hearted church was foreseen by our God, and we can know how He feels about it:

“So, because you are luke-warm-neither hot nor cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth…” (Revelation 3:16).

The corrupt, compromising church was also foreseen by Him who knows the end from the beginning, so that He warned us to separate ourselves from the evils of fallen man:

“Come out of her my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues…” (Revelation 18:4).

Those who reject the deity of Jesus, who reject the fact that our God created all things, who reject the supremacy of Scripture, and who put their own words and the words of their favourite teachers above Scripture are all included in references to hypocrites and false teachers contained in the New Testament especially, but also in the Old. And once you cast off from the absoluteness of the truth of Scripture and invent your own, you are then metaphorically on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, without navigation, radio contact, charts, or even the benefit of experience.


Ironically, the One who will spit the luke-warm church out of His mouth identifies himself as “…the ruler of God’s creation” (Revelation 3:14).

Just as bad as the rejection of the Bible as our ultimate guide, is the determination to use it to support false teachings and faulty or corrupted interpretation. This attitude is rampant in the Christian world now: “Let’s follow what so-and-so says and find one or two verses which appear to back him up”. In contrast, Scripture tells us:

“Cursed is the one who trusts in man…” (Jeremiah 17:5).

The Western World is now in moral free-fall, and there’s no way of stopping or slowing that fall if all we have to offer is a few jangling guitars and singers shaking their hair, a weak impersonation for spiritual gifts, an effort to bow to political correctness, and politicians who make promises in order to promote themselves. (Having said that, I say “Trump 2020!” The alternative is the destruction of America and so the West).

More than that, we have an insular Church which has largely rejected what God has to say. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” says the word of God, and, “In six days God created the heavens and the earth”. A large percentage of ministers prefer to follow what unbelievers and atheists say-that in the beginning, billions of years ago, something happened, our ancestors crawled out of slime and swung in trees, and later on God, or a few good teachers, came along and got involved, trying to get us all to be nice to each other. This is belittling God and calling Him a liar. This is putting the word of fallen, God-rejecting mankind above the Word of the Immortal, Almighty, Omni-present, omniscient Creator and sustainer of all things. This is nothing short of foolishness!

It not only calls God a liar, it calls Him weak and  incapable and irrelevant. “We know it’s all science now” is one pathetic view: pathetic because the real logic is that anyone who created all things would have to be The Master and Creator of science! Did an infinite being create all things by His infinite miraculous power, or did the universe create? That’s your choice! There’s no middle ground without putting God down beneath the feet of man.

Any true science today is only observing the handiwork of God. He is the Creator of science…not someone who just came along so that he could make us fall over backwards, or offer us new ways of being nice to each other. God is our Creator and He will be our Judge! He has the power to save us or to throw us into hell!

Its time for those of us who are serious about our faith to fall on our knees and worship the incredible being who made us, and who holds our souls in His hands.



People are being locked up by the thousands all around the nation for infringements of the law which are relatively insignificant, when compared to the treasonous and hateful lies and scheming perpetrated on a duly elected president, his voters, and the rest of the country, and quite frankly the rest of the world.

Drain_in_Kalibari_community_(3682826791)As Mark Steyn wrote in an article succinctly outlining recent exposes of real events, rather than the totally fabricated and unsubstantiated nonsense Mueller, the media and the rabid extreme Left are desperately “investigating”:

Robert Mueller should retire, preferably somewhere far, far away. James Comey should be charged, convicted and jailed. So should senior figures in the Clinton campaign. And those large sections of the “intelligence community” that have gone rogue and spend more time subverting their own government than any foreign enemies need to be overhauled from top to toe, or, more likely, put out of business entirely.*

Real evidence, rather than hateful accusation, is now revealing that everyone was colluding with the Russians except Trump. Hillary, the DNC, Democrat lawyers, the FBI and all have been frantically pointing fingers at the only non-colluding guy in the room.

Either we drain that swamp, or remain under the spell and the power of a ruling elite which cares nothing for its subjects, but only our money.

* How To Steele An Election by Mark Steyn:






It’s common for unbelievers, particularly atheists, to say that Christians should not be involved in politics. Why might that be so? A large percentage of the population, that is, millions of people, are professing Christians: should we Christians forego our right to vote and to engage in the dialogue and the system because of what we believe and profess while those with views and agendas of their own make all the decisions?

Why would an unbeliever be happy for everyone else to have their say, in what they may call “tolerance” for differing views, except Christians who should be silent? Could it just possibly be because they are at heart solidly behind the big push to do away with all  Christian and Biblical influence in society: one man and one woman in marriage for life; sex as an expression of committed, married, heterosexual love; parental commitment to their children;  the sanctity of all life including the unborn and the elderly; respect for authority and law; caution and sensitivity in the arts; minimal, local government and not global government; fiscal responsibility; freedom to prosper; freedom to choose to be generous rather than having money taken away by law?

Millions of Christians failed to vote in the last presidential election – why? Worse than the unbeliever wishing to deny millions of people their freedom of speech and their right to take part in government, we even have those in the church who will say the very same thing, that Christians should not be involved in politics. Refer to the above paragraph.

Imagine that men like Abraham Lincoln and William Wilberforce had taken the view that believers should not be involved in politics, they would not have been in any position to fight the curse of slavery. Many politicians over the centuries have stood up for the rights of the oppressed and for godly principles in government. Part of our problem now is that there are not enough truly principled people in office –  people who believe in telling the truth and who believe that some things are right and some things are wrong.

If we fail to engage, the Muslims, homosexuals, atheists, Marxists, radical feminists and others will not.

Whose world is it anyway? Didn’t God create, with the intention that mankind would dominate the earth? Isn’t God our heavenly Father? I’m not talking about a theocracy here, I’m saying that we have as much right to take part in decision making as does the atheist, and more than that, we have a duty to care about how all people are going to be treated and what kind of society our children grow up in.

I know that Jesus didn’t run for office or vote – he wasn’t a politician. In fact there were no votes, there was no democracy, there were no elections, Appointments and decisions were made from on high and everyone had to put up with them. You will not find in any part of the Bible where  Jesus, Paul,  or anyone else told their leaders to repent of being in their position of power unless it was because they were ungodly leaders. John the Baptist told Herod very clearly what he thought of his lifestyle.

We still have a right to have some kind of say in what goes on, though this is by no means permanently guaranteed. The right to vote and to have an electoral process at all has been literally fought for and defended with the blood of millions of young men. Are we now going to give up that right and allow the ungodly or some religion hostile to our culture to run amok? Surely not! Get out there, register and vote, and support the candidate who expresses and demonstrates godly, Biblical principles. Our future, and the future of our children, is to a large extent dependant on who we vote into office.

“Oh”, some may say, “but God will take care of us!” I agree that He will, spiritually and ultimately. But look, for example, at Nazi Germany, and the many Christians there and in neighboring countries who lost their freedom, their homes, their children, their sons and their lives under Hitler.  History is blood – stained with such miseries, and there will be more still if Christians back out of the political process. Yes our system is corrupted to an extent, and yes there are problems, but that’s no reason to throw it all away.

For God or for tyranny!